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WHAT YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME? December 19th, 2007 | Posted in General Real Estate

That was the question I received today on my personal, one on one coaching program for top agents.  So, here is my response: 

I will have Cyndi at our office draw some distinctions regarding my coaching program.  You will be excited.  For right now, the top agents that I am coaching are doing the following………

1.  Whatever your increase in listing inventory has been in your MLS from the top of the market to today should be double the same increase percentage wise in your personal listing inventory.  You need to develop some new proactive seller lead generation systems now.

2.  On the buyers that a larger seller inventory will produce, you will have to install some hoops to refer out the bottom 70% of the low percentage closing types.

3.  If you have assistants we have to partially move them from admin to lead generation.

4.  On your un-paid affiliates we will have to include them in joint lead generation.

5.  We will start check listing and manualizing and time blocking a successful business plan so that it is consistently implemented.

6.  We will improve your listing presentation to increase your closing ratio, raise you commission and lengthen the sales time.

7.  We will point all lead generation machines to a higher price point.

8.  I was arguable the most successful agent in North America in the 80’s and 90’s and have written over 3000 pages of systems that will save you time in implementing and that have already been tested for profitability so that the learning curve time will be lessened. 

9.  We need to discover your least cost, highest producing current systems and accelerate/improve them.

10.  You need to take the profits generated above, buy real estate so that your money starts working for you rather than you working for money. 

Cyndi will be in touch today, thanks,

One Response to “WHAT YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME?”

  1. Ken A says:

    Good Job Walter!

    This is my first receipt of your new blog posting. Your # 10 above reminds me of the system you showed us years ago about cap rates for investment properties. All good stuff, thanks for the reminder!

    I won’t write every time but did want to say thank you and Merry Christmas today!

    All the best…

    Ken A

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