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HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE FOR A SCHEDULE OF 08 January 2nd, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

Does your perfect 08 week look like this?
1. At least two hours scheduled every day for expired listing research, solicitation and follow-up.
2. At least two hours every week for FSBO research, solicitation and follow-up.
3. At least a half hour every day to ask you sphere of influence if they have any real estate plans for the next 24 months, if they have any knowledge of anyone that has plans for the next 24 months and if they would like a lower interest rate equity loan to free up investment funds for real estate investment.
4. An hour a week to attend an office attended have and want session.
5. An hour a day for lunch and a walk.
6. A day off a week.
7. Date night.
8. Kid time scheduled.
9. An hour every week to call 1-60 day listing prospects.
10. An hour every day to call all your current listings.
11. An hour once a week to call all of your buyers “in play”.
12. Scheduled time for other lead generation activities.
13. A once a week micro office meeting with your personal staff.
14. Time set aside for special projects.
15. Vacations pre-planned and deposits submitted.
16. Free time for listing presentations and showing appointments.
17. Two hours every week to handle all aspects of all pendings.
18. Two hours every day for communication by phone (incoming/outgoing) email, snail mail.
19. Depending on your net worth – fun time.
20. Fitness
21. Faith

If it is not scheduled, how will you schedual appointments to non-committed times?

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