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WOE IS ME………………………………….. January 10th, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

I am so tired about hearing what the market is doing.  I never cared, still don’t.  Brokers are training their agents on how to put on a happy face, so that buyers and sellers walk with a bounce in their step.  NAR helps with wonderful expectations in the world’s greatest business.  Publishers publish whatever gets read…….It’s wild in Salt Lake City, LA gets what it deserves.  Who cares, what does it matter – stop applying macro economics to micro geography.  Here is the solution.  If it is harder to get money (cost or requirements), prices go down.  If there is more inventory, the appreciation slows, stops or reverses.  Period.  Stop the discussion.  Everything has cycles.  Now the solution.  Use the leverage of this wonderful business to your benefit.  Immediately add money and time to the things that bring you listings.  You don’t know?  Go back and trace where all your commission dollars started.  Open house, sphere, fsbo, ect.  Spend more money on time on the things that produced listings.  Use some of my ideas to produce some more.  Increase your average listing base to a percentage of twice the increase in the board MLS.  Now here is what happens.  More listings……..easier to get rid of cement head sellers.  More showings.  More offers.  More buyer inquiries.  More price reductions to achieve the previously mentioned.  More double ended transactions.  More incoming leads of sellers that to get involved too and buyers that need help – all down the road, but that is what your tech is for, right?  More activity means more signatures means more closings.  Business begets business.  Go get a listing presentation everyday using my systems and you get rich.  No matter where the market is.

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  1. Lisa Sanford says:

    I agree with your ideas and love to read about them daily. Thank you for your quick and to the point blog. I plan to increase my price per listing as I did last year. Thank goodness the price point increased, because my number of transactions were way down but my income stayed the same due to the increase in price per listing.

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