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PARTNERS January 25th, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

Why? Ok, I can understand marriage. One big loss, one huge win for me. Business, well some of them had better attributes than I and added to the whole and may have been ok if I had watched my rear better. Real estate sales however is a consistent loser. Yeah I know there are famous partners that would not think of splitting up. However for the most part, in real estate sales, one of the partners is smarter, produces more leads, closes better, contributes more and works harder. Resentment may creep in and boom, all that wasted time in creating a brand name partnership is gone. If you need someone to take care of weekends, vacations or just to give you some time off and you are a producing animal, why don’t you just hire it out. It is cheaper than a partnership split and you have better control. My wife is a saint to live with me and I am sure it takes everything she has some days. Marriage, our children and having a one perfect partner in life is worth the negotiation. It usually is not in a business arrangement when you are the better half.

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  1. blaison says:

    Excellent blog!! I totally agree with you on this point. This is the same reason, even I never liked partner with any agent.

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