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QUIT ACTING LIKE A TRAINED DOG February 21st, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

I have been at seminars where the leader gets up and talks about response time.  It is in a new service article today.  It is bunk.  If you have to have a response to an email within 15 minutes, or phone call back in 30, you will never get anything done of importance.  You only jump through hoops for a client, not a lead.  You have to give the lead a reason to wait for you.  If your only marketing is a listing, and your only service to a buyer, the showing of that listing then you better respond quickly.  However, if you offer counseling, rare levels of inventory and proven amazing negotiation and contract experience all delivered by a team coalescing around a buyer’s needs then that “real” buyer might wait for you to call back during your time blocked communication hours.  Of course you will be calling or emailing back with additional services at the exact contact point left by the lead.  If it is a seller, I have never lost a listing because I was a few hours late in making contact.  Receptionists that have the duty of on the spot service get paid $17.00 an hour.  If you are one, that is what you are worth.  Get hold of your access and in the times that you are not providing service or responses, plan stuff that makes you money, please.  All of you professing immediate responses……..I notice you are not.

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