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STOP THE UN-NECCESSARY ACCESS February 28th, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

Technology has allowed unprecedented access to your life.  Page, cell, email, text, VM, and the most insidious – amazing service implemented as complete access.  It is time to set the expectations of your clients as a positive.  “Mr. Johnson, something that I am proud of in my business is the ability to guarantee your satisfaction every day.  If you were to call me right now, my voice mail will say….It’s a great day at Sanford Systems.  We return all phone calls and emails between 11-12am and 4-5pm.  Please leave your exact phone number where we can reach you at those times and the exact challenge you are experiencing.  We pride ourselves on having an answer or the challenge cured prior to our return phone call.  Thank you for calling”

 You don’t care that much about buyers that make you pop up and go see things and if a seller calls you, they will wait a few hours.  Trainers that tell you, you must respond to emails within minutes have never sold real estate (or small amounts).  I also want you to tell the sellers that a complete telephone conference once every 10 working days or once a week will be great to keep them up to date on all past, present and future marketing plus a complete competition update and lastly ideas to make their property more value laden. 

Buyers get a telephone conference once a week.  Cooperative agents get the lowest priority. 

In two hours a day, I would like you to make all outgoing calls, take incoming calls, do all incoming and outgoing emails and do all snail mail.  Finally, you will have time to make money with mine and your systems! 

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