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PLEASE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THE ENERGY SUCKERS March 11th, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

Twenty percent of your buyer and seller leads are a joy to work with. They trust you, they like you, they smile when you joke around. They make decisions and do it quickly. They say thank you and you better know when to shut up and do the deal. Then there is another 50% of your leads. They are thinking, they seem not to be too impressed but interested. They seem to have motivation but they are wobbly. You really are not sure you have them as clients. These are the people you think about when you are buying my seller and buyer presentations for a higher closing percentage on listings and buyer representation contracts. These are the people that make you stretch, be better and offer better value. These were the challenges. Then there are the remaining 30%. Like my first wife, they are pain dispensers. Arrogant, quiet, mean, under-motivated, hidden agenda. I could not figure them out. They are demanding, unrealistic, un-happy. Now some agents treat these people as the challenge and put weeks and months into them. Run, no I really meant it, run. You can not become attached to any outcome from these people. They are high cost transactions, if they ever close. So what do you do with them? Early in the presentation you can say….
1. “Well Mr. Johnson, if you just want to see just one property, let me give you the specialist in that property, his name is John-boy and he will call you in the next two hours.” John-boy is the new agent in the office that you have a relationship with.
2. “Gee Mr. Johnson, I don’t know if I have the tools to achieve the goals that you mention, but let me introduce you to Johnny-boy at the office that specializes in everything that you are talking about on the sale of the property.”
If however, you are post contract before you figure out this person is a wienie head, then you have two choices….
1. Put the buyer or seller in maintenance mode and hope that a cooperative agent sells it, that you get a lucky phone call or that they find their own property. Put your time in the 70%of clients that I really love.
2. Tell them the truth….
A. “Gee Mr. Johnson, I do not understand why you have given me an objective to achieve in the sale of your home and then disregard everyone of my suggestions on how to achieve it. Rather than you getting mad at me for continuing to ask for a price reduction, I would rather that some other agent disappoint you. Please sign the price reduction or the cancellation paperwork.”
B. “Gosh Mr. Johnson, I believe that I have shown you properties that meet your needs at realistic prices at one of the lowest money markets in history. I need you to make a decision or I am going to have to refer you to someone else.”

What do you think, would you like yourself more?

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