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COME ON BLOGGERS, TELL US WHAT YOU REALLY FEEL March 19th, 2008 | Posted in General Real Estate

There are a million blogs, but who takes the chance of telling the truth? I no longer have to put on a happy face for agents and my clients. I have the luxury of telling the truth. I work for no one and no agenda. People hire me and buy my products to implement better systems that work very well in tough markets and make you rich in normal markets. So here are my predictions with the hope it will get you off your rears. Today, March 19th 2008, we are one to two years from finding a bottom in most major metropolitan markets. Period. So stop waiting for the thaw, the bailout, or the bottom. It will get softer. We will have less easy loans that cut out a huge part of buyers. We will have little or no appreciation for awhile which takes out the investors. I have sold the benefits of real estate for thirty years and my life is based on it. I use it to fund my wealth plan. My wife sells it. I live it everyday. I believe in it. It is the best business in the world. The leverage of the purchase, the business and my systems have made hundreds of my friends rich. It is going to take a breather in appreciation for awhile and buyers and sellers are not going to be as excited about it for many years. You need to get back to work. Most of you need listing inventories 3 to 6 times larger than what you are used to and the systems to support it. That is the only way we can get the cooperative contracts, showings, double ended transactions, buyer phone calls and closings to what they once were. Please stop waiting for the market to change and you change.

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