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Handling Incoming Rental Calls January 20th, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

One of my coaching clients was having a tough time in handling her rentals.  Here’s the plan we took for incoming calls:

Please ask the following questions to renters calling from ads.
1.  How many people are you trying to find a home for?
2.  Does (rental amount) fit into your budget?
3.  We only take two year leases.  Are you comfortable with such a commitment should you love the home?
4.  Because of the condition of our rentals, we do not accept any pets, no smoking and no candles…Are you fine with that?
5.  We require a $2,000 security deposit plus first months rent.  Are you fine with that, assuming you love the property?
6.  We cannot accept Section 8 or people with poor credit ratings.  Can you tell me about your credit rating?
7.  Once we agree that this home is perfect for you, we will require a non-refundable $52 background and credit check for everyone over 18 years old.  Are you fine with that?
Great, I would love to show you the home; however, because we have had some no-shows we would like you to call 30 minutes before our appointment.  Once I get your call, I will leave the office.
Thank you for considering our gold-plated homes. 
I encouraged my coaching client to give this to EVERYONE who would handle incoming calls for her rentals.  This should cut down the number of poor quality rental showings.

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