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Saying “Thank You” To a Site Visitor March 31st, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

What do you do when someone has been to your website? If you have not gotten them to leave enough information, you have to keep adding value. You have to give to get. Share the servives you offer that no one else offers for their buyers and sellers.

Here is an Email exchange on this very topic from one of my coaching clients…


Hi, Walter. I’m curious what you think of my welcome/thanks message to those who visit my website. I’ve included it below. Please let me know your thoughts.

Hi (insert name),

Thank you for visiting my website at I hope you were able to find information regarding my listings and services. Are you looking to buy or sell a home in the (city) area? I will be more than happy to assist you with all of your real estate needs. I have been a full-time Realtor in the (city) area for over 8 years and I have helped hundreds of people buy and sell homes. If you are looking to buy, I can e-mail you all the listings that are available on the market that match your criteria and keep you updated of new listings as they come on the market. Let me know what you are looking for and how much you would like to spend and I will e-mail you everything that is available.

However, you are searching for real estate the hard way. I would like to introduce you to my Home Buyer Club. The benefits of belonging to my Home Buyer Club is that you will receive the latest new listings via e-mail. I will be checking new for sale by owner listings every day to see if new homes that match your criteria have come on the market. I will be searching 3 years back of unsold listings to see if anything matches your criteria and contacting those sellers, and I will be posting your criteria in ads online and in newspapers to get the sellers to call me. I will also be going into my past client database to see if I have any relationships with clients that own what my buyers want. The membership in this club is free of charge, call or e-mail me to learn more.


I would suggest that you condense the first paragraph into one or two good sentences. Who cares about the rest of the stuff?

Add to the second paragraph: “Buyers who are winners in this market should see all the inventory, not just the MLS that everyone shows you.” I would also mention short sales and REOs.

In the third paragraph, I would add the following:

“If you are a seller looking for comps, let me introduce you to my Pre-Listing Consultation. This is a free service that is full of the tools you will need to maximize your net proceeds.

1. You get a customized marketing plan centered on your goals
2. You get suggestions on how to maximize the property to appeal to the type of buyers who are paying fair prices.
3. You get suggestions on how to stay out of trouble and litigation in this market.
4. You get the exact comparables that the appraiser is going to use to value your property.
5. You get the five most used financing methods and how they apply to your property.
6. You get a complete team including insurance, title, inspection, termite, and others that all work together to accomplish your goals.
7. You get a list of “ready-to-buy” buyers.
8. You get a guaranteed sales price.
9. You get the exact net proceeds in writing.
10. You get a master plan integrated and personalized to obtain your exact goals.

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