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New Agent Focus June 8th, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

Sometimes new agents are brought up in this industry by coaching programs led by agents who have never sold real estate. As a result, these new agents often focus on items that are important but not mandatory at this stage in their career. Cure the cash flow problem before you hone your business.

Here is a Q&A detailing this concept:


Good morning, Walter. I just read your article in Realty Times. I am an agent on my fourth year in the business. I did Tom Ferry coaching in my second year and learned how to do a business plan and some time blocking, which is my weak area. I need to work on that.

I brought my listing inventory up by 3 times the amount and had over 3 additional contracts a month. In this market, I have not been able to continue the coaching. I have lost my stride somewhere and trying to get it back. Is it really a matter of just going after it?

I am in Northern Cal where we have 2nd homes and land that sold to Bay area people. Now with them backing away, we have very low income in the area and not many sales. I primarily dealt with our “high end” homes, new construction (which is rare), and land sales. Those are all of the things that came to a halt.

I am a (almost) divorced mom of two who wakes up everyday loving what I do, but need to make the money for the family. I was the expired listing agent that dominated but a lot of those are now the bank owed properties. Should I go after every expired? I was the newer agent that basically took over a one of the highest producers, and I liked that. I love challenge. So I should be thrilled right

I have a listing presentation and if I go to a listing presentation, I averaged 99% of them even in multiple agent interviews. I know my personal issues have clouded my energy but ready to put that aside and move forward. How do I get back on the horse and win the race?!!!

Thank you for you time. Have a wonderful day!



Hi, Christi. All business problems can be cured with a larger listing inventory.

There will be other challenges with a large listing inventory, but your focus right now is being on a presentation every day. Therefore, you need leads. About six of the following list should be up and running by years’ end.

1. Database management
2. Expired, old expired, first and last day expired and first of year expired.
3. FSBO and old FSBO
4. Out of state owners
5. Obituaries run with a just sold card program
6. Mature people in large homes system.
7. Short sale solicitation with a post system to gain access to the REO manager.
8. Host/parasite systems with companies like moving companies.
9. Event open houses
10. Divorce attorney program.

These are 10 of about 60 seller lead generation systems that are working in this economy, especially in a second home market.

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  1. Alice Taylor says:

    I always love this direct advice. I need to be hit in the head every other month. Although some of these points don’t apply in Toronto, they are all good sources of leads.
    Keep up the great advice.
    alice taylor

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