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Bail Yourself Out June 16th, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

Our company came up with this quick to give you a glimpse of what associations, boards, and companies are looking for in a speaker.  If you are in a position of leadership where agents depend on your decisions for training, I hope you have a chance to read this note.  Thanks for the support from all my friends and associates. 
For the most part, real estate agents have been hit hard.  Most were not prepared for a “different” market.  Most are still operating under unprofitable assumptions.  Their brokers, companies, franchises, and associations offer positive reinforcement to motivate or generate activity from the troops; however, they need and want tools that are easy-to-implement, inexpensive, and fun. 

Walter Sanford has been through tough markets — one in the early 80’s, another in the early 90’s, and now.  He was one of the most successful REALTORS® in North America.  Financially independent from his commissions earned in tough markets, Walter is one of the few trainers that the top agents turn to in tough times. 

Tough times do not last; neither do agents who continue to do the same stuff.  Recoveries can be long, years, in fact.  If agents do not start doing the “right” activities now, it will be hard for them during the next boom to have the needed resources to take advantage of all the business.  One of the most exciting times in real estate is when “doing” real estate becomes en vogue again.  The buyers need to get involved in real estate, and the sellers have not yet become greedy.  Will your agents be ready?  Will you be ready? 

Below is a “hit list” of the items for which Walter receives the most “thank you” notes.  Walter will present his best tactics to help the agents bail themselves out in a seminar that you can afford.  This will be the items that are working now, things that your agents will do, and things that your agents will thank you for later.

1.  Learning why there are more profitable avenues to pursue now if you don’t already have an REO business

2.  Facilitating short sales in a more efficient manner and learning which ones not to take

3.  Implementing five new systems that can double any agent’s listing inventory or seven new systems to triple their inventory

4.  Using your listings to generate buyers and using your personal website to generate sellers

5.  Doing your social networking in less time with more results.

6.  Applying simple systems that generate more double-ended transactions

7.  Knowing how to write contracts “with glue” when the buyers are nervous

8.  Showing you how an assistant can earn five times his or her salary for you; if you don’t have an assistant, showing you how to get a team for FREE

9.  Beating the competition every time with a listing presentation that earns you 1% more than the going rate, includes a transaction coordination fee, and is delivered in much less time.

10. Developing the exact plan for buyers to be worthy of your time giving you the tools to close a buyer over 90% of the time

11. Giving more to buyers and sellers without spending more

12. Handling all incoming calls, all outgoing calls, all E-mails, and all regular mail in two hours a day and having your clients love it.

13.  Using a leveraged business plan so that buyers create sellers, sellers create buyers, and buyers and sellers create investment properties for you. 

14.  Getting your clients excited about your inexpensive but high-perceived value services and getting them to help you sell their property

15.  Learning the exact letters, scripts, and systems that work now

Help your agents, associates, and members.   Involve your affiliates as sponsors or have a trade show.  Use this seminar as a recruiting device.  We have several ideas on how to make a seminar affordable, fun, and profitable.

It is important to motivate the troops, but they do need the tools to “march forward” on their own.  This market requires that new systems be implemented for the self-directed bail out.

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