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Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. I have already benefited from some of the techniques in your materials. My return on investment will be huge! Thanks again. Mike Fortin, Platinum Group REALTORS®


Building Your Neighborhood Destination August 28th, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

Here was a question sent to me about creating packages for specific neighborhoods. I thought I’d share to give you some good ideas from Christopher and hopefully a good “gem” or two from me!


Hello, Walter. I missed you at the Marriott the other week, but I’ve already got all of your kits anyway! Quick question. I’m designing a website in my neighborhood that is going to have:

Neighborhood Information
Homes For Sale (including FSBOs)
Garage Sales
A section for networking (people with homebased businesses can advertise, like snow removal, lawn mowing, Mary Kay, REALTORS®, etc.)
Current real estate market information and past solds in the area
Neighbors names, addresses, phone number, email addresses
Other pertinent information to the neighborhood

My question for you is — have you ever had one of these “packets” of information that you pass out to farm specific neighborhoods? It seems like among your documents on your CDs there was something that was specific to what I’m trying to do. Maybe not…It might have been through another source, but just checking to see if you had anything like that!

Thanks, Walter! Hope you and your family are well! God bless!

Christopher Smith
Traditions Real Estate


The only vehicle that ever advertised my neighborhood website were the “just sold” cards from that particular neighborhood. When I ran out of “just solds,” I would retrieve the information from the recorder’s office (not the MLS) then notify the neighborhood of those closings. Sometimes, the receivers assumed that I sold these homes.

Don’t forget to add to your site these important ingredients:

1. Tell me what my neighbor’s home sold for.
2. The 48-hour free phone value analysis
3. The neighborhood dream home search
4. The “pull out some equity and invest” service.
5. Local business coupons
6. Baby sitting leads
7. Open house section…even let other REALTORS® use it.
8. Awards for best neighborhood pumpkin and best decorated home for Christmas.

Go get ‘em!

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