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It was a pleasure to attend your seminar in San Francisco on Thursday. You are a truly excellent speaker and by the time you were finished, I was excited about getting into residential real estate! You are doing good work in the world. Brian Tracy, Real Estate Speaker


Showing a Track Record When You Have None November 5th, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

Many times you are up against competition with a better track record like the agent asked in the question below.  If you know more about the seller before going on the appointment, you can direct your presentation toward achieving the client’s goal.  You should have been privy to their goal, prior to the appointment.  The next step will be to keep the discussion off of your track record and put it where it belongs…on achieving the seller’s goals, at the highest net with new marketing ideas. 

You should be able to beat the agents with the “canned” listing presentations.  You can easily be better than those agents who do not spend the time to find out about a sellers’ goals and those who have not come up with new ideas for year.  Below is the question from a stymied agent and my suggestions on how to avoid the same situation in the future.

Walter, we recently relocated to Southern California from Calgary and purchased all your books and CDs. They are great. The following objection is something we keep running into.  Should we discuss our track record in Calgary?  We are at a loss and need some guidance.

How would you handle the following objection: “We really liked your presentation.  Your pricing was similar to the other REALTORS®, and your commissions were all the same.  The only factor was track record.  We went with the REALTOR® who had a stronger track record for the area.”

Sincerely, Desiree

Here is my suggested response: “Track record on anything is an important indicator of future performance.  We are at a loss because that record for us is in Canada, where we were considered to be the best in the following areas: (insert items that you can back up with proof).

“However, what is even more important are the ways we intend to achieve your goal of (insert their reason for selling) and achieve that goal with the highest net to you.  I would like to show you five ways that we find a buyer, which will be new to this area, and also five ways we can increase your net proceeds.

Getting you to sell your home and (insert their goal) is what it is all about!  I believe we have brought some new ideas to the table.  I would like the privilege of selling your home.”

Notes for you: remember, you need to be the last agent in for the presentation!  Know their criteria for hiring an agent before you go on an appointment and also know what their largest concerns are before going on the appointment.

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