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The Question You Might Be Getting All the Time Now December 2nd, 2009 | Posted in General Real Estate

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Here is an Email exchange between a coaching client and myself. I have a feeling that you’ve found yourself in this similar situation, too.

Question One:
Hi, Walter! You did a great job at the seminar on Wednesday. It was very entertaining, and it was good for me to hear everything again. It’s so much information it really takes a while to digest and implement.

Point me to a good argument in your books for a seller who really wants to move up but can’t get past the hit they’re taking on the sale price of their home. I know the goal is to help them focus on getting to the new home, which they can get for cheap, but I need to learn how to get past the part where they get stuck on the sale price of their current home.


Answer One:
Nothing that I know about in the books, so, are they buying up or down in price?

Question Two:
They are going up in price. They want more rooms, square footage. They just had one baby, and they might have another.

Answer Two:
Here is the thought. Move from $800,000 home that has had a 20% hit. Sorry you lost 160,000, but I have good news for you, you are actually ahead of where you would be when the property was worth 800,000.

You see, the 1,500,000 home you really want has dropped at a larger percentage because the higher end has had even less activity. So that house has had a 25% discount. That means you are going to buy your dream home at a 375,000 discount. That means that you are ahead 215,000 dollars over your same position in 2006.

However, there is one more concern that I have. We have a government that is spending more than ever before in history. They are spending money they do not have. Printing money and borrowing money puts pressure on interest rates. You will have a larger mortgage than you do now, so moving now, getting that large discount and tying down a fixed loan before they go the price of the Carter Administration make this move a time is of the essence matter.

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