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The Top Real Estate Agent Will Want the Needs Analysis by Their Lender April 16th, 2010 | Posted in General Real Estate


Hi, Walter. I spoke with you briefly on the phone today.

I’m curious about the “Needs Analysis” you’ve put together. Do you really find that REALTORS®, especially top producers, will give you enough time to get through all of these questions? It seems like a lot and I would be afraid of making the REALTOR® feel like he/she was being interrogated. Any advice here?

Thank you.

Bill Mitchell
The Mortgage Centre


Hi, Bill. I enjoyed talking with you, and the new DVD is coming out to you….

On the meeting question — if you set it up with the calls, letters, and postcards, the agent will understand that you are trying to offer service like they have never experienced before. You have to get your head around it first. The guy who wins the job is the guy who read the annual statement. How can you help a business unless you understand the business? When you tell the agent, they will understand.

Here’s how it might go: “I have a desire to help some of the top agents in the area {appeal to their ego}. I have learned that if find out where you are having challenges then I can develop solutions to help. In order to accomplish this process, could I have 20 minutes of your time? We can schedule it anytime that is convenient to you. The questions that I ask will help us both concentrate on some of the most important and profitable systems in real estate brokerage. Your answers will help me to concentrate my efforts where you need me the most. When and where could we spend a few moments together?”

You will soon know more about the top producers in the area than anyone else! You can then use my products to slowly “drip” ideas on them where they need it most. It is the most effective way to turn a top producer in an annuity for you.

Thanks again!

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