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"Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a splendid job of delivering the “Meat and Potatoes” instead of a bunch of fluff. The feedback from everyone was assume. Everyone said they picked up an idea or two…which is exactly what we wanted. Thanks again." Shamiram Mazejy, Coldwell Banker – Clifton


Direct Mail Has Not Died on Some Demographics September 7th, 2010 | Posted in General Real Estate

Here is a question that reminded me that lead generation is a combination of many forms of media.


Hi, Walter!  Do you have a letter to use with Old People Big Houses?  Also, can you suggest a letter to use to send out to people who have put their houses on as “Make me move”?

Thanks!  Alex



Hey, Alex!  Yes, I have worked up solicitations for these two demographics.  They are in the new letter book, which you will be getting in about 90 days.  Below are the main points:

1.      Here is the value — save on taxes, save on utilities, reinvest equity toward retirement, save on upkeep, and increase security.  At the same time, get record low interest rates on their new purchase, therefore freeing up more money for retirement and investment.   Also, tell them that this market requires a substantial amount of research to achieve their goals so you should meet with them before they probably believe is really necessary.   

2.      Make me move.  This is a weak lead; however, go over the “buying up in a down market” scenario.  Discuss the fact that record low, bottom of the barrel interest rates will not last.  Present them with this information: “Did you know that a 1% increase of your rate on a $200,000 home will cost you $XXX,XXX.XX over the life of the loan and drop the value on the same home by $XXX,XXX,XXX.XXX?  You presented the challenge so when can we meet, allowing me to learn your exact needs and develop a customized plan to achieve them?”

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  1. tom duffy says:

    you’re still my favorite Coach, Walter…

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