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Learn the Approach for Assisted Living Centers July 2nd, 2011 | Posted in General Real Estate

This month, many of my coaching clients are soliciting assisted living centers. We love clients with motivation, and making the move to assisted living centers provides that motivation quotient for our coaching clients.

We love equity, too, because the short sale and REO thing is so “last year”! With the commission cuts, long closing times, no control leads on REO/short sale leads — exhaustion and frustration creeps in.

My systems always provide multiple sources of income with one exertion of energy, and this system is no different. Here are the steps:

1. Put together a list of every assisted living center in your market area. You can extend your geographical market area out to accommodate more. Assisted living centers have a fantastic appeal. Out-of-area facilities even pull from your favorite neighborhoods. These centers often have the fancy condo complex out front. They offer options for lease or purchase. They often offer amenities like meal service, maid service, nursing service, and medical help. Your client will love the available activities, too. If the time comes when living in the condo becomes too difficult, the move to the next level of care is available on the premises.

2. Buying into an assisted living center usually takes some cash and your clients may need to sell their homes for top dollar.

3. These are mature homeowners/clients who normally have some equity.

4. The centers know that you meet many sellers in your day-to-day business. It wouldn’t hurt to discuss with them the numerous baby boomers you meet on a regular basis and discuss how you could promote their product.

5. The centers would certainly appreciate their sales information in your listing/buyer presentations and on your website. They’d love it if you started blogging about their project! For those who think social media will make you money, go ahead — post and tweet about it.

6. Tell the assisted living center director how you can spread the word about their services and ask for a personal tour to learn more. They’ll be happy to oblige…immediately.

7. Make contact with the sales office representative. Tell them what you can do for them and that you need more information.

8. During this stage, one of your goals is to obtain exclusive representation of the new complex, including commissions on rentals, even if the in house sales staff handles the closing details. One of my coaching clients has a new listing on the whole new complex, but that is not why we started this process. We have another demographic in mind!

9. What we really want is the home that needs to be sold so the center has a client with cash for a closing. The center understands the needs of their new client (selling a home first), and they understand that the chances of closing rely heavily on with whom the client lists their home. They will want their new, interested, and up-to-speed agent to help with the representation.

There you have it — something to blog, post, and tweet about. It’s yet another stellar service you offer your clients. It’s another page on your website. Most importantly, it is seller lead generation in two of the hottest non-short sale/REO demographics.

My coaching clients start on a new lead generation system each month to increase their listing presentations. This leads to more listings, which brings more buyers, which brings the opportunity for you to make more down payments on rental properties where the tenants pay off the loans. It’s the Sanford Systems’ four step program to becoming financially independent!

An oil and gas lease lottery millionaire by age 16, Walter S. Sanford was in massive debt by the time he was 22. Taking his winnings, he invested in over 400 units and found that high leverage real estate can be detrimental to your financial health.

Obtaining his real estate brokerage license during the 80s, Walter went on to become what some believe to be one of the top agents in North America. He built his career on systems that are in demand by virtually ever major franchise and top producing agent in the world. 1995 was Walter’s best year, in the midst of a real estate depression in Southern California, where he personally closed 316 transactions.

Walter Sanford now coaches some of the top agents and travels internationally to deliver his seminars based upon systems with velocity increased by technology. He is the author of 10 ground-breaking books and software that assist top real estate producers in not only beating the competition but also providing lasting estates for their future. Systems are his passion.

Walter has been buying or selling real estate for the past 35 years. It took a long time for Walter to find balance. Today, he runs a successful coaching and training business; however, he is financially independent through real estate investing. He enjoys life in “small town America” with his wonderful wife and two darling daughters.

Many speakers and trainers have never been involved in real estate brokerage aspects and none have ever been involved to Walter’s extent. If you would like to know more about Walter, please visit You’ll find more information about how to hire Walter as a speaker or coach and how to obtain his ground-breaking products for your library. Walter can also be reached at 800.792.5837 or

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