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Resources for Human Resource Departments October 24th, 2011 | Posted in General Real Estate, Real Estate

Well, it’s my favorite topic – lead generation! Below is an exchange that I had recently with an inquisitive agent.


Which is your current favorite in seller lead generation?




I have many, but in an effort to not overwhelm you…let’s time block a once-a-quarter letter and phone call to the largest operations in your town.  The hospitals, universities, industries, and large businesses in your area need help with their incoming and outgoing personnel.

First, go to the local Chamber of Commerce and get all your big players.  Start with the top twenty largest organizations within your market area.  Check their website or research online to find the head of the human resource department. Send them the following letter.  Follow-up with a phone call referring to the services mentioned in the letter and mention your desire to meet and determine their needs of a local top real estate agent.



Company Name


City, ST ZIP


My name is (name), and I have been helping clients with their real estate decisions for many years.  Many of my clients in the past have been a part of (company name) and have experienced some of the services that I offer in relocating individuals.

I’m aware that you might already have a relationship with a relocation firm and I am happy to cooperate with them.  I have found when an agent has the “account” all tied up with a firm such as yours that they may not feel it necessary to go above and beyond what is expected.

For your associates or employees moving away, I can offer the following:

1.   The free 24-phone value analysis, allowing a seller to determine what their homes value is in this market.

2.   A pre-listing analysis where the goal will be to make inexpensive changes to the property, prior to marketing so a maximum sales price can be obtained.

3.   A no-obligation, counseling session at the home or even a presentation to a group of transferring employees as to….

A. What can be expected in this market?

B. What to disclose as to condition?

C. What repairs to make?

D. What will an appraiser be looking for?

E. How much time will it take from listing to close?

4.   A written and guaranteed marketing plan

5.  A written and guaranteed net proceeds analysis


This only scratches the surface of what I offer a seller! For associates and employees coming in to your company, I will —

1.   Consult with them regarding the differences in neighborhoods and help them in determining which meet their goals after an exhaustive tour highlighting all that we have to be proud of here in (city name).

2.   A complete team approach to lenders, inspectors, and title and closing companies.

3.   A secret inventory list where I will not only highlight MLS properties that meet the incoming employees’ needs but also show them properties that no other agent will ever show such as:

A. Old expired listings after I call to determine there is still a desire to sell

B. Current for sale by owner offerings

C. Direct mail sent to unlisted owners in the neighborhood of your employees’ choice looking

for property not yet on the market but possibly for sale.

D. Guaranteed first look at any new listings that meet the employees’ criteria.

These are just a few of the services that I offer, making the transferring employees’ experience satisfying and profitable.  It is my goal to meet you in person and determine if there are needs that are not currently being met.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Company Name

Enclosure: Personal (or Company) Brochure

It’s that simple. Find those who help their employees moving in or out of town. Write them a letter. Call them. Meet with them to discuss what might be lacking in their current situation.  Time block this system for 4 times a year and add the HR department head to your database.

This is just one of nearly 40 quick and easy proactive seller lead generation activities that my coaching clients do every year.   C’mon – get started now!

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