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Do You Know What You Did Wrong? February 8th, 2012 | Posted in Other Interests

For years, I have taught real estate agents the merits of having their top priority be a pro-active, seller lead generation system.  All roads lead to the acquisition of a seller appointment!  We know that more sellers and “better” sellers means that you implement the least expensive and most effective way of developing buyer leads with your listings.

Many times, the disappointment of obtaining a lead and losing a listing presentation to the competition can knock the wind out of you for a few days so let me propose a semi-controversial method of determining how you can learn from your possible mistakes.

As a quick side note, please be aware that sometimes you simply lose the listing because you are not the last person presenting and/or the other agent “bought” the listing with a higher market price.

If it’s returned, this survey below may give you an insight as to what happened; even if it isn’t returned, it may be considered as outstanding follow up by the seller, which will look good for you when you implement my expired program should the property not sell!

Here is the survey that I would send to the few listings that I lost:

Email: A Survey to Determine Why We Did Not Receive the Listing

To:     Name

RE:     Thank You for Giving Me an Opportunity!

Congratulations on placing your home on the market! You have chosen a good real estate agent. I am disappointed that my company was not the one chosen to represent you, but I understand that it is your choice. I learned a lot of information that will help me when I find a buyer whose needs match your property.  I also understand that my company can learn a great deal about our own strengths and weaknesses from our unsuccessful presentation.

We put a lot of time and effort into our presentation for you, and we would appreciate it if you could tell us where we excelled and where we fell short.  Attached is a short survey.  Please take a moment to help me improve my services to future sellers by answering the questions and hitting the reply.  Thank you very much in advance!

1.       What was Walter Sanford’s biggest interest?______________________________________________________

2.       What two items impressed you about Walter Sanford’s presentation?___________________________________

3.       What two items were not impressive?_____________________________________________________________

4.       How could Walter Sanford have earned this listing?__________________________________________________

5.       What most impressed you about the agent that you did choose?_______________________________________

6.       Would you recommend Sanford Systems and Walter Sanford in the future?_______________________________

7.       If not, what would change your mind?____________________________________________________________

Thank you for helping our firm to become as strong as possible.  Our goal is to become an asset and a resource and to keep clients for life.   Your input will help us meet that goal!  I will build some interest in your property at meetings with potential buyers.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


An oil and gas lease lottery millionaire by age 16, Walter S. Sanford was in massive debt by the time he was 22.  Taking his winnings, he invested in over 400 units and found that high leverage real estate can be detrimental to your financial health.

Obtaining his real estate brokerage license during the 80s, Walter went on to become what some believe to be one of the top agents in North America.  He built his career on systems that are in demand by virtually every major franchise and top producing agent in the world.  1995 was Walter’s best year, in the midst of a real estate depression in Southern California, where he personally closed 316 transactions.

Walter Sanford now coaches some of the top agents and travels internationally to deliver his seminars based upon systems with velocity increased by technology.  He is the author of 10 ground-breaking books and software that assist top real estate producers in not only beating the competition but also providing lasting estates for their future.  Systems are his passion.

Walter has been buying or selling real estate for the past 35 years.  It took a long time for Walter to find balance, but today, he runs a successful coaching and training business.  He enjoys life in “small town America” with his wonderful wife and two darling daughters.

Many speakers and trainers have never been involved in real estate brokerage aspects and none have ever been involved to Walter’s extent.  If you would like to know more about Walter, please visit  You’ll find more information about how to hire Walter as a speaker or coach and how to obtain his ground-breaking products for your library.  Walter can also be reached at 800.792.5837 or


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