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Don’t Got Into Winter with a Low Listing Inventory September 11th, 2014 | Posted in General Real Estate, Real Estate

I am afraid that a lack of holiday listings will make it ugly for you in February. You still have a few months to increase your inventory so even if you hate seller lead generation — it’s only for a few months!

Here is a list of what I would do, if I wanted more listings in the last quarter. I have a list of twenty. Choose TEN and implement. You should have a happy start to 2015.

  1. Call the more expensive expired listings every morning.  Get some help from Landvoice.  Visit to get a discount, too!  Landvoice provides a service so you don’t have to research the phone numbers.
  2. Call all the homes, condos, and small multi-unit properties for rent in the weekend paper and/or Craig’s List.  Ask if they might consider selling or doing a 1031.  Unless it’s a multi-unit, it’s a 100% vacancy factor!
  3. Have forms for sellers to complete on your website like a free 48-hour phone value analysis or a buyer matching database.
  4. Email/call/mail everyone in your database with at least 5 valuable services that you can perform for them.
  5. Re-call all listing leads and let them know that the most motivated buyers come out in the winter when other sellers hibernate.
  6. Send a good FSBO letter to all FSBOs every week until the end of year. Have your favorite team lender call them with help on financing plans that can be advertised and pre-approval of all potential buyers. Have your lender use your name in the conversation.
  7. Send just sold and just listed cards out and call behind them. Get the Cole Realty Resource to help. Visit for a special discount, too.
  8. Get the newspaper and cut out positive articles that are relative to some of your area “movers and shakers.” Add these individuals to your database, too. They won’t forget you.
  9. Hold a good open house — good area and a new listing. Ask if the attendee is a buyer or seller and provide free value for them.
  10. Call the human resource manager at the big companies. Give potential sellers the estimates of value, based on the same comparables that appraisers use.
  11. Call assisted living centers and take the tour. Ask who they use to sell the homes of their incoming clients.
  12. Mail and call all of the divorce attorneys. Offer fast valuations and a written, aggressive marketing plan for their client homes.
  13. Mail all divorcing couples with the problem of a quit claim/grant deeds and underlying loans.
  14. Send an “I have investors” letter to poorly kept properties in better neighborhoods.
  15. Send a letter to owners of 2-4 unit properties about their value because of preferential financing, 1031s, and your management expertise.
  16. Send a letter to old expireds and old FSBOs long after other agents have ceased soliciting. Follow up with a phone call.
  17. Provide ten services to out-of-state owners. Offer things like rental agreements, vendor suggestions, management referrals, 1031 accommodators, etc.
  18. Work on friending/connecting/following your database via social media outlets and spending a few minutes a day entering any conversations into your database.
  19. Have forms for sellers to fill out on your website.
  20. Call all the clients who used to belong to the agent who left the business. Let these new clients know that the broker has asked you to be their new representative at the office.

It is a matter of designing the above systems and time-blocking them as the most important activities of the day. You will never have had a better first quarter!

If you need help with these systems, we have been making improvements to them with research techniques, multi-media approaches, overcoming objections, and follow-up.

We offer solutions in many forms with books/software, seminars, and coaching. Many top agents use Sanford Systems as their trusted resource. Call us at 800.792.5837 if we can help your business.

Walter Sanford has been designing and implementing real estate systems for 30 years. One of the most successful REALTORS® and now wealthy from his systems, Sanford teaches his systems and strategies through his products, seminars, and personal coaching producing the best results in the industry. Do what works, do what is proven. Hire Walter Sanford. Call our office at 800.792.5837, email, or chat with us online at


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