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"Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a splendid job of delivering the “Meat and Potatoes” instead of a bunch of fluff. The feedback from everyone was assume. Everyone said they picked up an idea or two…which is exactly what we wanted. Thanks again." Shamiram Mazejy, Coldwell Banker – Clifton


A Compilation of Goals from My Coaching Clients January 11th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate

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Many times, new coaching clients don’t know what to ask for.  They don’t get “turned on” until they hear what others are planning to get.  Real estate sales is like a buffet — almost anything you can imagine.  My clients tweak lead generation, answer objections with value, speed up the process, and don’t get involved in bad deals or with low/no profit individuals.  They start seeing their needs met and then seed capital for the future.
It is interesting that many of my second and third year coaching clients have very similar goals.  I thought you might be interested in them as well.

  1. Transfer 20% of every commission check to an online account like at the same time as the deposit.
  2. Obtain disability insurance.
  3. Open a 5-2-9 account for my child’s college education.
  4. Set up a plan to pay all non-real estate secured debt that has higher interest rates than the rate on my highest mortgage.
  5. Buy one more break even or positive cash flow property with no balloons.
  6. Start one in-house lead generation activity aimed at a hot demographic to have less reliance on paid consolidator lead generators.
  7. Create a manual for all office activities so we do not forget profitable activities and find it easier to train an assistant.
  8. Break database solicitation down to a call session every working day.
  9. Buy a good quality, used vehicle with low mileage.
  10. Get up a half-hour earlier and read the Bible.
  11. Eat all frogs (distasteful activities) in the first hour of office time.
  12. Establish vacation and time off goals.
  13. Plan capital improvements to rental properties.
  14. Buy guns, ammo, dehydrated food, water, generator or other disaster preparedness items.
  15. Create better habits including gym time, walking, running, cardio, weightlifting, less sugar, better food.
  16. Determine net worth for comparison with future years.
  17. Set friend goals — either increase the number or have deeper relationships.
  18. Make a will or better yet, a trust.
  19. Refinance into fixed rates.
  20. Pay all estimated taxes and keep income taxes current.
  21. Institute various plans to increase the “at bats” with sellers.
  22. Reduce money on buyer generation and move it to seller generation.
  23. Fund retirement accounts.
  24. De-clutter using eBay and garage sales.
  25. Plan fun activities to look forward to with family.

These top twenty-five represent most of the ideas contained within my clients’ goals for 2016.  I hope this will give you some ideas in finding your passion.

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