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Do You Add Consistent Value for Your Business and for Your Clients? April 12th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate

We recently received a question from some of our favorite coaching clients. The Premier Team is lighting up the upper end, downtown, and historical St. Louis real estate markets.
As coaching clients, they are challenging for me because they demand new value and service for their clients each week. In fact, Chris and Lisa know that to dominate an industry they need to have tools that the competition does not. They require tools that not only make the job easier, but also more profitable for their clients.
Here is the result from a recent request from which we created a letter handout for the listing presentation and for advertisement in other media:
The Premier Team Helps Clients Achieve Goals
through Pre-Launch Inspections
We have found that all buyers should have their purchase inspected. When we represent our sellers, the negotiations start with offers and potential counter offers. Traditionally, the buyer obtains and pays for an inspection of the property. The negotiations start again.
Rightfully, the buyer wants any challenges to be addressed; the seller feels they had lived with the challenges, sold the property with the challenges, and do not want to repair if they have no chance to enjoy them. It’s a difficult negotiation and can sometimes leave clients unhappy.
As we do many times, we have devised a system to help all involved parties know what they are buying and selling while also saving our client’s time, trouble, and money in the mix.
When we custom-design a marketing plan to achieve our seller’s goals and receive a commitment to market the property, we then offer our seller an opportunity to have the property inspected by our team inspector. The inspector will review all systems of the home and write a thorough report on the findings. We then discuss the findings with the seller and place any challenges in different categories. There is the “must fix now” category that deals with safety of the occupants or the property. There is the sub-standard category that is below the expectations a buyer would expect of a property for the area and price range. Lastly, there is the upgrade category for items which buyers would like to see done.
By having the report and determining what categories, we can offer many opportunities to our seller clients:
1. We eliminate the “rush into a repair” syndrome by having the repair report early and without the input of a buyer waiting for an answer to complete the next step of their purchase.
2. We have time to contact numerous vendors who will compete for the best price.
3. We have time to make decisions on the condition vs. price, which is much better determined before the buyer has made a successful offer.
4. We know early if there are any big ticket items that would prevent a sale from a buyer not wanting the property or the seller not being able to afford the repair.
5. We can choose the mode of repair before a buyer has a stake in the decision. There are many ways to repair rather than replace. Replace is usually how a buyer wants the challenge remedied.
6. We have time to get government or utilities involved if needed.
7. A seller’s net proceeds or “net sheet” can be professionally prepared.
8. We might receive a higher offer when a potential buyer is presented an inspection with all the repair receipts attached.
9. The one to two week wait is eliminated by having a report done before an offer rather than waiting for it after the offer.
10. Since we are paying for the report, we get to choose the inspector. Finding inspectors without the drama gene is important.
There are many other reasons to be knowledgeable about the property, prior to negotiations. We have arranged a team of inspectors who have agreed to wait to be paid for their inspection and report until the seller receives their proceeds from sale. This cures the cash flow problem.
We, at Premier Real Estate, believe that this is not only an outstanding investment that pays many dividends, but it is also the most professional way to handle a sale including all possible disclosures to all potential parties. Should you have any questions, please feel free to discuss. We have much experience in this little utilized system to increase our seller’s net proceeds.
Many people have a coach who has not been through the ups and downs as Walter Sanford. Many coaches do not have the same achievements as Walter. He has millions in cash flow equity that came from his real estate business, and he developed systems that can be implemented without any special abilities.
We currently have a few availabilities in our coaching program, and this year’s schedule has some availability for seminars as well.
Visit us at or call us at 800.792.5837 for more details on coaching, speaking, or training materials.

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