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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


Counseling the Lead – Part One May 12th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Since most of the top agents are feverishly working the business for as many as fifteen years, we have found that one good listing in the $500,000 range can be worth as much as $100,000 to you in your career.  Please understand that pulling out all the stops to focus on the acquisition of a listing is well worth the effort in the long run.

What follows is the question list that is utilized when a listing appointment is appropriate and imminent.  To make certain that we are clear, I use the following question list on all appointment leads to “take their temperature.”  The question list is also used to determine the immediate needs and which classification they might fall in.  My goal was to solidify an appointment with a seller that had an immediate need for my services with a high motivation for sale.

Since all of our lead-generation systems point to extremely prolific demographics, the chances are very good that when working my systems you will be given leads that will cause you to pay attention to every line on the checklist that follows.

There were many times where I was unavailable to close a lead so the office staff, paid or unpaid, would be given a bonus for completing a question list by using the following script:

“Thank you for calling.  Walter is out of the office right now; however, he has asked that when someone is in need of his services for me to ask some further question so he could actually start the research before he returns your phone call.  Would it be okay if I ask you some questions so Walter can return your call with some solutions for your needs?”

That discussion possibly opens the door for that paid or unpaid assistant to complete the information sheet/question list.   The office staff was motivated to complete these questions more than just taking a name and a number.  If the incoming lead turned into a closed transaction, the staff member would receive $100 upon closing.

Whether you want to use these questions in hard copy with sets available at all phones, if you want to keep them on your network, or if someone providing you a third party endorsement utilizes these on your behalf – the method does not really matter.  When you are able to record the answers digitally, it is faster to forward the answers to the person who will be obtaining the listing.

Questions to Ask Seller Prospects

What Do I Say?  The $100.00 at Close Magic Questions



Date:________________________ Operator:______________________________

Seller’s Name:_______________________________________________________

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________

Phone:  H:____________________________W:____________________________

Cell:________________________________ Fax:___________________________


Best times available:___________________________________________________


Phone:  H:____________________________W:____________________________

Cell:________________________________ Fax:___________________________


Best times available:___________________________________________________

1.  How did you hear of Walter Sanford?_____________________________________

2. Why do you want to sell?_______________________________________________

3. Referred by: Name or Corporate Relocation Company:________________________


Phone:____________________________ Fax:________________________________


Referral fee: ___________________________________________________________

o  Send personal thank you note and mark database.

o  Send package to relocation source.

4. Who else are you interviewing?

Agent                            Office                        Appointment Date/Time





***Remember, Walter wants to be the last appointment with whom the seller meets.  You can say, “Meeting with all the other brokers first will guarantee a maximum number of questions and a solidification of your needs.  Walter can better serve you if you have the maximum number of questions and all your needs available for your meeting.  If you cannot provide Walter with the last appointment, make whatever you can and Walter will reschedule later.”  (Also, remember to ask the client to promise to wait for Walter’s presentation.)


5. If Walter answers all of your questions to your satisfaction, will you list your property when you meet Walter?_______________________________________________

6. Would it be possible for all decision makers to be present and meet with Walter on (Date) at (Time)?  Is it possible to meet at Walter’s office?________.  If not, then where?        _____________________________________________ (always better in daylight)

7. Who will be present?________________________________________________

8. When Walter meets with you, will you want to start the marketing plan?__________

9. Do you own any other properties in the area?______________________________

If yes, where? ________________________________________________________

10. Are you thinking of listing them also?____________________________________

11. Where are you moving?_____________________________________________

12. Do you know a real estate professional there?____________________________

13.  May I have one of my lender team members call you?______________________

14. When do you need to sell? __________________________________________

15. What price do you want to list at?______________________________________

16. How much are your underlying loans?

1st  $_________________________

2nd $_________________________

3rd $ _________________________

17. Do you need a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange?______________________________

18. What criteria are you going to use in hiring your new representative?_____________



19. We can mail you a pre-meeting information packet or E-mail you a link to our website information packet, which method would you prefer?  Can we ask you to review it prior to your meeting with Walter?_________________________________________________

20. o     This is an emergency — hand deliver package!

21. May we ask that you wait to make a decision on your agent until you meet with Walter?______________________________________________________________

22. Can we arrange some FREE time for you to consult with a CPA?_______________

23. Tell me about your property?___________________________________________

Type           Sq. Ft.         Bed/Bath             Income             Length of Lease





24. Any other amenities of property?________________________________________



25. Assistant to prepare CMA and presentation:________________________________

   Today        Today/Tomm     Tomorrow       Later Date_______________________

Criteria for CMA:

Parameters:                     SFR                               Condo Bldg. Only

Area(s):___________________ Type:______________ Size:_____________________

Area(s):___________________ Type:______________ Size:_____________________

Geographical Criteria:

N/_______________ S/_______________ E/_______________ W/________________

Price Range Search:________________________ to __________________________

Number of Presentation Copies:____________________________________________

26. Follow up Instructions:

A.  Run an expired check of the presentation property.

B.  Check to see if sellers own any other property in areas close to Long Beach and inform Walter of addresses:____________________________________________

C.  Run a list of needs for listing presentation.

D.  Deliver confirmation (pre-listing) package to them.

E.  Add to database.

F.  Input haves/wants in computer.

G.  Order Super/Regular Property Profile.

H.  Order preliminary title report.

I.  Is CMA complete/accurate?

J.  Load mock listing on Internet.

K.  Record information on 800 service.

L.  Prepare mock brochure.

M.  Confirm that presentation is complete.

N.  Please confirm that all decision makers will be present at meeting and that Walter is still the last appointment.

O.  Get extra keys made by the seller.

P.  Make sure Walter has sign, rider, brochure box, map to property, and digital camera in his car.

Extra notes to operator:___________________________________________________









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