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It was a pleasure to attend your seminar in San Francisco on Thursday. You are a truly excellent speaker and by the time you were finished, I was excited about getting into residential real estate! You are doing good work in the world. Brian Tracy, Real Estate Speaker


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The buyers who answer the questions, the ones who have a smile in their voice, and the ones who want to move forward with you are the buyers that we are looking for!  This initial consultation can occur either over the phone or in person.  The following form should be with you at all times at a listing presentation, an open house, or anytime a situation arises that you hear, “I am looking for a piece of property” or “Could you find me . . . ?”  You must be ready to determine whether-or-not they qualify to become part of your business this year.

Like the seller form (which we talked about in last week’s posts), the buyer form can also be used by your front-line gate keeper, assistant, or whoever takes messages for you.  The goal is to have the gate keeper/message taker obtain all information.  Once this information has been obtained, the client put under contract, and the property closed, a crisp $100 bill will be found waiting on the desk of the message keeper who performed this very important duty.

You will find that by utilizing this system, people are much more likely to interview a potential buyer, rather than just take a name and phone number thus starting the all too frustrating “Telephone Tag.”  More commonly, you will be personally using this form at either an initial face-to-face meeting or phone meeting.  Furthermore, this form can also be modified to go on your website so that buyers pre-qualify themselves before you spend time with them.

Questions to Ask Buyer Prospects

What Do I Say? – The $100 at Close Magic Questions

Buyer’s Names: ________________________________________________________

Date:________ Phone: (H)______________________ (W)_______________________

Phone: (Cell #1)_______________________ (Cell #2)__________________________

Fax: ___________________E-mail:_________________________________________


  1. How did you hear about Walter or the property you are inquiring about?


  1. How long have you been looking?________________________________________
  1. Are you working with another agent/broker?_________________________________

If yes, who?___________________________________________________________

  1. How many are in your family?____________________________________________
  1. Do you own now, or are you renting?_______ Rent Amount? ___________________
  1. Must you sell before buying (or complete the lease period before buying?) If yes, how long?________________________________________________________________
  1. Have you seen any homes/investment properties that you really liked?____________
  1. If yes, why did not you buy it? ____________________________________________
  1. How soon do you need to move?_________________________________________


  1. If we can find the right property, are you prepared to make a decision now?_____ If not, when?____________________________________________________________
  1. What price range have you been considering? $_____________ to $____________
  1. How much has a lender told you that you are qualified for? $___________________
  1. What is your initial investment that you want to use for the purchase? $___________
  1. Do you have a budget for monthly payments? $_____________________________
  1. What is the name of the lender that pre-approved you?_______________________
  1. Please describe what you are looking for and WHY:

Single Family:________________________ Lot Size: __________________________

Townhouse/Condominium:_______________ Sq. Ft: ___________________________

Bedrooms :__________________________ Bathrooms: ________________________

Family room/Great room:________________ Fireplace:_________________________

Garage:____________________________ Age Preference:_____________________

Pool: ______________________________ Schools:___________________________

Other features:_________________________________________________________


17.  Is there a particular location in the city you prefer?___________________________

  1. Is there a particular style that you would prefer?_____________________________
  1. Is there anyone else who will be helping you make the decision about buying?_____________________________________________________________________
  1. What is your schedule for being involved in the process of finding a new home?_____________________________________________________________________


  1. What special requirements do you need in your new property from Walter?



  1. Where are you employed? _____________________________________________
  1. Where is your spouse employed?________________________________________
  1. If Walter gives you 100% of his time will you buy your new property from him?_____________________________________________________________________
  1. What times are best for you to look?______________________________________
  1. How do you like us to communicate? e. phone, E-mail, or a posted website/intranet? _____________________________________________________________________
  1. I will have Walter call you so that he can go over details of the hunt and the next step. What is the best time to have him call you?___________________________________

At which number? ______________________________________________________

28. What are your favorite ways to view property?_______________________________

29. How did you find Walter/the property?_____________________________________

  1. Referred by: Name: __________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________ Fax: ________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________________

Referral fee: __________________________________________________________


Price range                  $________________________ to $________________________

Down payment           $________________________ to $________________________

Bdrms/Baths ________ /________ Units ______  to ______  Sq. Ft. ________________


Comments: ____________________________________________________________


Communication process:__________________________________________________


Next step:_____________________________________________________________

Other: ________________________________________________________________




Buyer is a seller!       Yes     or      No                  (see Seller question list!)



Ask appropriate follow-up questions.  REMEMBER: a sale of the buyer’s home will provide surety of close to a seller of the home that the buyer desires.  This plus few, if any, contingencies, a large deposit, a pre-approval letter, as close to full price as possible, a note and picture from the buyers will almost guarantee an acceptance.  How many of the above do you have?

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