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A Seller’s Checklist Guide to Interviewing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property May 26th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

  1. Do you have a team of real estate professionals to help manage the marketing of my home?

Hint:  A team dedicated to the marketing of your home will be more effective than an individual.  A team should include personal assistants, not just office support staff, to ensure the important details in the marketing of your home are not overlooked or forgotten.  Also, affiliates who are making a great living from your hard working real estate agent will make sure that your (the client’s) needs are met!


  1. Do you have an aggressive, written marketing plan in which you invest your personal dollars? What will you do to sell my home?

Hint:  Most real estate companies provide generic marketing plans, and if the agent does not supplement it, your promotions remain limited in a cookie-cutter environment.  Without an exceptional plan, you cannot expect exceptional results customized to your unique situation.


  1. Do you know the difference between passive selling and aggressive marketing?

Hint:  Do not say a word.  Wait and see if they truly have an explanation or even know there is a difference.  If they do not, consider choosing someone else.  My dad once said, “Help them make a decision.  Do not be an order taker!”


  1. Do you have a written guarantee allowing me to unconditionally terminate my listing at any time, for any reason, with no advance notice, no explanation, and with no strings attached, except a refundable $500 cancellation fee?

Hint:  There is only one reason a company or agent does not offer this guarantee.  They do not have the confidence in their services to offer this guarantee to you.  Why should you have confidence in their services, if they do not?


  1. How does your marketing benefit sellers directly?

Hint:   The direct marketing of your home will help it to sell more quickly and for more money.  If this agent cannot explain how multiple buyers can be put through your home…run!


  1. What happens to the marketing of my home on weekends or when you are on vacation?

Hint:   Our team approach allows us to be working on call for you seven days a week.  You do not have to rely on another agent — who knows very little about you, your property, your concerns, or your goals — to try to fill in.


  1. How will I know what is being done to market my home? How often will I hear from you if I list my home with you?

Hint:   Communication is very important.  If an agent is not up front with you and accountable, why should you have faith in him or her?


  1. How do you provide security for my home?

Hint:  If they do not explain data collecting lock boxes, assistants to turn on and off alarms, a property-check service while you are on vacation, a buyer-screening service, and a sign-in policy at open houses — BEWARE!


  1. How do you keep track of all the details during closing?

Hint:  If the prospective agents do not pull out their checklists, then they fly by the seat of their pants!


  1. What is your return-call policy?

Hint:  If there is a hesitation, there is no policy.  Here is mine – calls are returned the same day, if received between 9-5 (the same with E-mails) PERIOD.  In fact, I guarantee we can talk between 11am-2pm or 4pm-5pm.


  1. What is the payment on a loan of $310,000 at 7% fully amortized over 15 years?  Answer: $2,786.37

What would the balance be if I wanted to pay it off in 10 years? Answer: $140,717.12

Hint:  If they cannot do simple math for you, how will the buyer react?


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