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Checklist of Most Frequently Asked Questions When Selling Your Home Through the Use of the Sanford Team May 26th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Thank you for the opportunity to let us market your home.  In order for us to obtain top-market value, we must work together as a team.  This is how you, I, and Cozette Hebert, Susie Kohankie, our affiliates, will achieve your goals.

Virtual Tour and Pictures: The virtual tour and pictures of your home will be taken by Mindy Merkle.  These pictures will be displayed at our home information center at the Northfield Square Mall.  This will also be used for ads in the newspaper and the Internet.  Our website address is  The pictures and tour will also be available at the following websites: ___________________________.  You can E-mail the tour to anyone you like by using the link next to your tour.

Feature Sheet:  A brochure of your home will be produced by Cozette.  It will contain information including taxes, amenities, and any upgrades in your home.  If there is information that you would like to see on the feature sheets (other than the “IF” sheet that you already completed), please let me know.  Please leave twenty feature sheets out for showings and leave twenty in the “take one” box.  Please call when you need more feature sheets, and we will restock your supply.  You can also print directly from your own website.  Check out the website featuring your listing (your  As a team member, will you please keep the inside and outside flyers fully stocked?  Also, would you either call in all cards of showing agents for follow up or Email the information to our office?

Updates:    A computer-generated Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will be sent to you upon market corrections, significant sales, listings, expirations, and withdrawn property from the market.

Advertising:  We advertise in The Daily Journal, The Herald, Harmon Homes, YOUR GUIDE TO HOMES, at the home information center at the mall, and on the Internet.  Your home will be advertised in some of these rotated with homes similar to obtain buyer calls.  We get a step closer in selling your home when our prospect, generated by the ads, match with the features in your home.

REALTOR’S® Open House:  The REALTORS® will be invited to tour your home by using a lock box between 9-1 on the first Wednesday, after we put your home on the market.

Preparing: Before any showing, I may give you a tape to review entitled “Merchandising Your Home.”  Also, start packing now!  Unnecessary objects around the home can make the home look cluttered.  I have enclosed our immediate-response showing checklist.

Utilities:      Utilities must be kept on before closing on your current property, even if the property is vacant.  Each time someone enters the home, utilities must be on, whether the visit or walk-through is initiated by an agent, prospective buyers, or home inspectors. You may turn off and change your name on utility records on the same day as closing.

Showings:  Showings are for your benefit; therefore, please make every effort to have your home ready and available to show at all times.  Should we decide to place a lockbox on your door to make your home more accessible for showings, it will remain there until after the accepted contract so that the house is accessible for final walk-throughs and home inspections with your support.

Inspections: Home inspections can take up to three hours.  Often, the buyers will accompany the inspector during that time.  It is best that you wait for me to give you the information and for us to discuss the findings together.

Ancillary:   Any services that we recommend are referred only as an informational basis.  We cannot guarantee any service, but we offer the names of businesses because of their outstanding service in the past.

Contact:    Walter will be talking with you at least every 10 working days on progress, feedback, pricing, and potential buyers.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have about our efforts.  Together with Cozette Hebert, Susie Kohankie, and our other team members, we will deliver.

As an additional service, we will be pleased to update your attorney or accountant.  Please let us know if you would like this service.

We are here to provide you with the finest service available.  Please share your ideas with us.  Thank you!

Get more checklists for your business by calling us at 800.792.5837.  Ask for the daily blog special pricing.

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