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Promotion: Click Here to Find the Perfect Neighborhood June 7th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This is the perfect inclusion on your website for buyers to review in fine-tuning their list of wants and for sellers to review in fine-tuning their home for sale.

What factors should you look for in a high-appreciating neighborhood?

  1. Pride of ownership: look for well-cared for landscaping and paint
  1. A low crime rate: check the report at the local police department
  1. A history of appreciation or holding value: my office is able to run values for the neighborhood by each year
  1. Great schools in the area: comparable school reports are available from us as well
  1. Economic stability in the area: we have the employment rates and a list of the largest employers in the area
  1. The availability of long-term employment
  1. The homogeneity of the neighborhood
  1. Proximity to work, schools, churches, shopping, major roads/highways, etc.
  1. Wide, curving streets
  1. Rivers, mountains, hills, lakes, or the ocean nearby
  1. Common areas
  1. Green areas and parks
  1. Abundance of trees
  1. Well-lit streets
  1. Historical significance
  1. Trendy stores, the arts or bohemian lifestyles in the neighborhood
  1. Quality infrastructure, fire and police protection
  1. Low congestion or lack of traffic
  1. Availability of parking
  1. Lack of sexual offenders/predators per the disclosure websites
  1. Lack of dumps or obnoxious factories
  1. Stable geography regarding floods and earthquakes


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