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Providing Stellar Service to Your Listings, Part Five June 30th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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Sometimes keeping a seller happy is simple – like a thank you note!  Good communication will keep sellers happy – emails, letters, text messages, and phone calls.  Remember to include regular communication in your listing checklist and set aside time in your time-blocked, daily schedule.

“Thank You for Listing” Letter




City, ST  ZIP


I want to thank you for allowing me to position your home to the marketplace.  I appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in me.

Rest assured that my team and I will do everything possible to market your home. We have already started marketing your home through the Multiple Listing Service and the web portals that draw the information from the MLS.  Enclosed is a copy of your listing and how it appears when one of the many agents in Long Beach go to listing address) to see our web presentation of your property.  Direct mail is being sent, brochures are going out, and my clients are being educated about your property.

If there are any changes that you would like, please call my assistant, and she will correct them immediately.

I have delivered information about your home to each agent in our office, as well as a number of the top agents from other local companies.  Additionally, I will be personally presenting the fine points about your listing at our upcoming office meeting.  Your home will also be advertised in the next edition of our E-mail campaign.

I know that selling a home can be an emotional and challenging experience.  If you have any questions or comments about what is going on, please give me a call.  Open communication is the best way to answer any questions that may arise.


Walter S. Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S.   Please prepare your home for the upcoming 360° virtual tour that we will be shooting next week!


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