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VIP Client Club July 5th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Who is a VIP Client Club member?  Everyone in your database!

If you’re new and you don’t yet have a large client database, begin building your database by including those individuals in your sphere of influence – family, friends, neighbors, business owners where you frequent, etc.  Look through your bank statement and see who gets your money on a regular basis.  Maybe it’s time they begin thinking of you when they’re looking to buy or sell.

Begin building your VIP client club letter.  This can be sent as an email, but let’s face it, a nice letter on your letterhead is more likely to be opened.

VIP Client Club

Congratulations!  You are a VIP Client Club Member!

on outside of the envelope:

Do not throw away this envelope yet!

It contains your VIP Client Club account number!

(see inside for details)




City, ST  Zip





 Congratulations! You have recently been inducted into Walter Sanford’s VIP Client Club! Your personal VIP Client Club account number is printed immediately below your name and address on the envelope in which this letter came.  Alright, did you throw it away already?  Well, not to worry – we included another label here that can be placed in your address book under my name and address.

For years, I have been providing valuable services to real estate buyers and sellers.  In fact, I have touched the lives of thousands of investment owners, families, and individuals in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area.

There is a group within that group that has grown more special to me over the years. You may have sent your great aunt to list your home with me . . .  you may have dropped by to discuss the woes of our economy . . . or maybe you just checked in from time to time to see if I had any properties to match your criteria.

Whatever the case, you have shown me that you have valued our relationship and, frankly, it is clients like you who keep this business interesting, fun, and profitable for me!

 You have been a great client, and it is high time

that you officially be added to my VIP client list!

I do not extend this offer to many clients and for good reason.  My VIP program is not made up of coupons or Kool-Aid spritzers at an annual holiday party.  I prefer to reward my clients with cash and services!

No, I am not talking bribery.  Because you are a part of my VIP Client Club, I will merely be extending some very special services and discounts to you that allow you and your closest circle of friends to save money in the real estate process.  It is more like a “Frequent Flyer” plan for real estate clients and it works in similar point fashion.  Let me explain:

  1. Call us with a correct new address, phone, fax, or E-mail number and you get 1 point.
  1. Call us with a referral – either a buyer or seller ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD who buys or sells real estate using a real estate agent that I suggested and you get 2 points.
  1. List any property with me and get 3 points. If it sells, you get 2 more points.
  1. Sign a buyer loyalty agreement and get 3 points. If you close on a purchase get 2 more points.
  1. Refinance through our team lender and get 2 points.


You ask:  What is a point worth? . . .

Each point is worth 1% off one side of my already-competitive commission!


You call with your E-mail address                                                     1 Point

You call with your new address, phone, or fax number                1 Point

Grandmother sells and closes her home in another state            2 Points

using an agent that I research and refer to her.

You list your property with me, I sell it                                               5 Points

TOTAL         =        10 Points

Then let us say you asked me to sell a property for $242,000 and I sold it.  My side of the commission would be 3% or $7,260, but now apply your points for a savings of 10% and put $726.00 in your pocket.

Trade your points for FREE service or CASH!

Your points can accumulate until you have my services for free, or use them for commission discount any time you want!  We keep track of all your points on a software program that we’ve designed for this purpose.  Just call my office, give your name or special VIP Client Club Account Number, and we will total up your points for you!  You can now even visit, go to our past client section, enter your private VIP number and view your points on line!

Besides saving thousands in commissions, look at all this FREE stuff you can take advantage of!  Since I have already taken the liberty of enrolling you in my VIP Client Club, you are immediately eligible for this exclusive past client menu of services:

  1. FREE Proposition 8 Property Tax Forms researched, and completed for you! An appointment is necessary.
  1. FREE estimates of value on all types of property.
  1. FREE Amortization Schedules on your mortgages from our team lender –customized for any payment or interest amount.
  1. FREE investment analysis of any income property showing internal rates of return, financial management rates of return, cost per unit, gross rent multipliers, and capitalization rates.
  1. FREE rental forms necessary to conduct a rental property business.
  1. FREE advice on buying and selling decisions.
  1. FREE referrals to the best contractors, lenders, and other real estate services.
  1. FREE evaluation of your family’s real estate contracts and real estate decisions if made outside the Long Beach area or anywhere else in North America.
  1. FREE comparative market analysis and marketing plans done for all friends, relatives, and business associates of our clients.
  1. FREE analysis of refinance viability.
  1. FREE advice on homestead declarations.
  1. FREE analysis of improvement vs. cost vs. value enhancement of any improvement contemplated on a piece of real estate (i. e., pools, spas, etc.).
  1. FREE twenty ideas on how to increase income and decrease expenses on apartment buildings or rentals.
  1. FREE referrals to the best insurance agents for policy comparisons.
  1. FREE complete lender negotiation facilities that will facilitate short payoffs or interest rate reductions.
  1. FREE referrals to top agents in any city of North America should you contemplate a move.
  1. FREE analysis of the tax implication of payments showing payments before income taxes are considered and payments after income taxes are considered.
  1. FREE rent vs. buy analysis.
  1. FREE buyer qualification estimates for a new purchase and private search of the best lenders in town.
  1. FREE cash flow analysis of a real estate investment.
  1. FREE closing cost estimate on new purchase.
  1. FREE depreciation analysis of the purchase of any real estate improvement.
  1. FREE access to our free buyer lists.
  1. FREE access to our private inventory of property that only Walter Sanford has access to.


As you can see, we want to be an asset and resource to your real estate investment!  All you have to do is R.S.V.P. to my assistant, Cyndi Hayward, or me and tell her that you are definitely “in” as a Walter Sanford VIP Client Club Member. Immediately, the services go to you as our top priority!

Whenever the subject of real estate comes up, remember your VIP Client status! We can help you in any realm. Please avail yourself of your free membership! Thank you again, for your support over the years.


Walter Sanford

President, Sanford Systems

P.S.    Remember! This VIP Client Club asks for no dues, no fees and no right to your first-born child. It is merely my way of saying “thanks” for doing business with me in the past. No kidding, I have very much appreciated your loyal support.

All you have to do is R.S.V.P. by calling 815.929.9258, fax a quick note to me at 815.929.9200, or E-mail me at to “turn on” your membership for all of the FREE benefits I have listed in this letter.

What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. To gain? Free real estate services which, actually, equal MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. Give me a call!

P.P.S. You can also view your constantly growing list of FREE services and your points at, under past clients, a private section.  For access, please use your VIP Number!


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