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Applicant Personality Questionnaire Version Two July 12th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

You might be saying, “Walter, this blog post looks a whole lot like yesterday’s blog post.”  And you are correct…mostly.

This second version of the test has a slight change.  It’s also a good way to see if your potential hire reads well and follows directions.

You’ll notice a single change on this test as it reads: “Read the words in the list below and check those that you feel describe THE WAY OTHERS EXPECT YOU TO ACT.”

Name:__________________________________ Date:____________________

Directions:  there are no correct or incorrect answers.  Please check your answer and be honest.  Read the words in the list below and check those that you feel describe THE WAY OTHERS EXPECT YOU TO ACT:

  1. Helpful
  2. Esteemed
  3. Popular
  4. Relaxed
  5. Worrisome
  6. Gentle
  7. Exciting
  8. Sentimental
  9. Dynamic
  10. Assertive
  11. Adventurous
  12. Generous
  13. Patient
  14. Wholesome
  15. Unobtrusive
  16. Conscientious
  17. Unassuming
  18. Daring
  19. Sophisticated
  20. Agreeable
  21. Tolerant
  22. Persistent
  23. Well-Liked
  24. Nice
  25. Earnest
  26. Docile
  27. Compelling
  28. Outstanding
  29. Demanding
  30. Tranquil
  31. Sympathetic
  32. Charitable
  33. Cultured
  34. Loyal
  35. Persuasive
  36. Dominant
  37. Self-Starter
  38. Careful
  39. Respectful
  40. Conventional
  41. Satisfied
  42. Nonchalant
  43. Eloquent
  44. Understanding
  45. Flexible
  46. Cynical
  47. Spirited
  48. Attractive
  49. Passive
  50. Congenial
  51. Trusting
  52. Gentle
  53. Obedient
  54. Eager
  55. Brave
  56. Cheerful
  57. Fussy
  58. Appealing
  59. Obstinate
  60. Versatile
  61. Thoughtful
  62. Convincing
  63. Amiable
  64. Self-Assured
  65. Selfish
  66. Diplomatic
  67. Steady
  68. Reserved
  69. Self-Centered
  70. Competitive
  71. Serious
  72. Devout
  73. Fashionable
  74. Calm
  75. Fearful
  76. Polished
  77. Prevalent
  78. Polite


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