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Vacation Prospecting July 20th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

It is a fact – some REALTORS® do not have lives…lunch on the run, missed recitals of your prodigy in training, and fewer “date nights.”  So, you sit down on January 2nd and promise your family that “things will be different.”

My suggestion is to get a democratic vote on the location, date, and duration of your vacation this year and then PAY FOR IT IN FULL!  This always seems to make the vacation more assured, even if the week before your vacation is the busiest week of your career.  Over the years, I have developed “separation anxiety” techniques for the vacationing agent that’s “gotta go” but feels the pains of guilt.

My favorite technique is the foreign destination owner solicitation system.  Here is how it works: after a vacation or seminar destination has been selected by the agent’s family, research is started by the real estate agent.  Tax records are searched on-line, in person, or through a title company team member.  The agent looks for all the residents from the vacation destination that own property in the agent’s geographical market.  If they own property in the agent’s town and get the tax bill sent to the vacation destination then they are a match.

I personally used this with great success on trips from the general area of Long Beach, California to destinations as close as Catalina Island, California; Big Bear Mountain, California; and Palm Springs, California.  I also had success from my Long Beach starting point to destinations in Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, Florida, New York and even Europe!

Once I determined my vacation destination and found owners of local property that live in the destination, I would send the following letter:




City, ST  ZIP


I have written this letter as an introduction of my real estate services in Long Beach, California.  By the tax records, I believe you own real estate located at (address, city, state).  I found this information using the property tax records that are public knowledge.  If I am incorrect in regards to your ownership and you know who owns this property, please forward this letter to the correct party.  If I am completely off the mark, please accept my apologies and deposit this letter in the trash.

If I am correct, then I wanted to let you know that I will be in (the vacation area where they live) soon.  I sometimes take working vacations with my family.  If you have ever considered talking with a top real estate agent from the town in which you own property (insert town name), I will be in your town from December 10th through December 23rd 20__.  I am staying at (the hotel or condo).  Call my office here in Long Beach by December 7th at 800.792.5837 so that I can complete the research for our meeting.

I am one of the top agents in Long Beach and I have many services that I can offer the out-of-town owner.  A sample of what I can bring with me follows:

  1. The current price value of your property supported by comparable sales just like an appraiser would do.
  2. Counseling on IRC 1031 tax deferred exchanges should you want to sell and defer the income taxes at close by buying another property closer to where you live in (vacation destination).
  3. Referrals to the best property managers in (town of investment property) to cut your expenses.
  4. The latest copies of the Apartment House Association rental agreements and applications to make sure you are protected.
  5. Lists of my personally approved handymen, electricians, plumbers, and other professionals you might need for the best quality and lowest costs on repairs and upgrades.
  6. Lists of other investment properties to purchase in Long Beach, if you are considering more property or a larger property to take advantage of the management you already have in place.
  7. My own “personalized fair rent guide” that will tell you what other properties like yours are renting for in Long Beach so you can adjust your rents.
  8. A complete update on the market showing trends in price and interest rates to help you make decisions.
  9. Introductions to the best lenders in town should you be considering a refinance to lower your payments or pull out investment funds.
  10. If you are considering selling, a complete marketing plan to maximize your price.

As you can see, we have many services that will help you maximize your investment.  I always appreciate face to face meetings in your town of residence more than the telephone.  I will be happy to meet at a location convenient to you.  If there is any interest on your part to be updated on your Long Beach property, do not hesitate to call me toll free at my office or E-mail me so that we can meet while I am in (vacation destination) between December 10th and 23rd, 20___.


Walter S. Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S.    To review some of our buyer and seller services or view testimonials, please to go

I would send the letter approximately six weeks prior to my vacation.  The results: I always added a new “convert” to my database and sometimes two.  Every other time, I actually met with an interested seller.  CAUTION: over-work on vacations can cause spousal problems!

Another favorite vacation/seminar strategy was sending postcards to my database post-marked from my vacation/seminar location.  I would explain how much I was learning from the “seminar” I was attending.  I’d also mention that I was staying in touch with the office on a daily basis.  It is just another way to show my clients how seriously I took my business and their business.  Letting them know that they can still converse with me by E-mail also calmed their nerves.  There must be a minimum of intrusion on your time off so proceed with caution.

I trust that these vacation strategies will allow you to take more vacations and make more money.  If it isn’t fun, why do it?  I hope you didn’t miss the genius of this whole system.

Does this make your vacation tax deductible?  Contact your tax professional on that one.


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