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The Minimum Tools Required for a Real Estate Agent August 5th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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We’re almost ready for DAY ONE in your new real estate career or your career reboot.  To make sure that you’re prepared, run through this list of minimum tools for an agent then get a good’s night rest and tackle day one like a pro!

  1. A clean car
  1. Clean, professional looking attire/career apparel
  1. Good pens and pads of paper
  1. An excellent calculator that allows you to figure the time value of money, even though you do not know how to do that yet!
  1. Amortization schedule, as a back-up
  1. Contract, counter offer, and listing agreement forms with a rudimentary knowledge on how to complete them (software versions might help!)
  1. 500 3 x 5 cards for on-the-spot lead cards or easily accessible note-taking software on a tablet or phone
  1. Notebook computer/tablet with Microsoft Office or comparable word processing program
  1. A cell phone, file cabinet, and desk
  1. Business cards
  1. Other basic office supplies
  1. Access to a copy machine, fax machine, and/or fax software/scanner (yes, people do still fax!)
  1. Map app on your phone
  1. Your own personal name riders to put on signs: make these as large as you can, based on the size limitations your company provides. Your photo on them is a great help.  If your company allows you to customize the actual sign with your name, I still encourage you to use a rider that repeats your name.
  1. Thank you notes: using blank or personalized, high quality card stock is much better than the pre-printed “thank you” cards you find in card shops. Spend a little money here.
  1. A business checking account and credit card account
  1. Your own personal stationery including letterhead and envelopes: do not spend a fortune on a logo – clean, nice, simple, and elegant
  1. A postage account like is greatly helpful
  1. A résumé – tell people why they should list or buy with you! Give them more benefits than features
  1. A copy of your broker’s real estate office manual
  1. An appointment calendar (if digital, back up to the cloud!)
  1. A P.O. box, if mail comes only to your office
  1. A briefcase/attaché case to hold all your stuff
  1. Voice mail for office and cell – each with a professional message
  1. Open house signs with space for writing
  1. Color printer


Please consider this as a minimum list.  As you can see, when Harvard Business School said that real estate would be the lowest-cost business to enter with one of the highest potential yields, it was not kidding.  Can you imagine what it costs to start a car wash, a restaurant, or even an attorney’s office?  You will soon see that the business you have chosen has many benefits: one being that the cost of entry is not very large.  These items should be obtained and studied before your first day.


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