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Pre-Confirmation Package, Part Seven August 30th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

The What Are Your Concerns? document is one of the most important documents you will utilize in this entire system.  Properly completed and submitted prior to your appointment, this document will give you the areas that the presentation should emphasize.  These are the areas over which your clients have the most concerns.

By knowing what their concerns are early on, you will be able to prepare properly prior to the presentation.  Especially if you are a newer agent, I cannot emphasize how important it is to obtain help from a manger, owner, or broker on how to cure a client’s problems rather than facing those problems cold at the presentation.  This will allow you to come to the presentation prepared to take care of these problems.

Since these problems will not change as the other agents are interviewed, you will not only be regarded as the person who cares the most by asking the seller what the problems are, but you will also be the best prepared of all the agents in how to answer or cure the challenges that the seller perceives.

This form can be handed to your clients, stored on a password protected client section of your website, or attached via E-mail.  This form does need to be returned to you before the appointment.  Many times, the seller will not do it until the last minute, especially after they have received a final confirming phone call requesting that these items be returned prior to the presentation.

Even if these items are not returned to you prior to the presentation, they provide an outstanding outline to cover in the presentation.  Many times, I have had the sellers complete the concern sheet out while I am taking a private tour of their home.

Private tours of the home always take less time and allow you to see more of the property than owner-guided ones, which have a tendency to digress about the $300-a-square-foot wallpaper.  Remember, knowing the seller’s concerns earlier than your appointment and the competition gives you a huge leg up.

“What Are Your Concerns?”

 At Sanford Systems, we want to act in YOUR best interest.  We are eager to have you share with us your concerns and expectations about the marketing of your property — before we start.

Before we meet, please take a moment to complete the following survey so I can concentrate on what is most important to you!

Client’s Name: (you can easily have these sections pre-completed for your clients)


0 = No Concern                5 = Very Concerned


  0 1 2 3 4 5 Comments  
Buyer’s Qualifications?                
Multiple Listing Service?                
Showing Procedures?                
Open Houses?                
Closing Costs?                
Internet Strategy?                
Name recognition of agent?              
Name recognition of agency?              
Easy exit guarantee?              
Lock boxes?              
Search engine strategy?              
Buying seamlessly?              


Thank you and see you soon!  Walter will answer to your complete satisfaction every concern plus any that you add before he asks you to take the next step in marketing your home.


Cyndi Hayward

Customer Service Manager


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