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Pre-Confirmation Package, Part Eleven September 6th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

I promise, we’ll wrap up this series on the pre-confirmation package THIS WEEK!  If you’ve missed the past entries, please take a few moments to read through them.  You just might find the document that will help in “sealing the deal” for you!

The Pricing Primer by Walter is even a little more to the point regarding pricing than our previous pricing documents.  It is more aggressive and is not as customer-centric as the previous document, but it is also very effective.  You make the choice as to which one you like better.

Pricing Primer by Walter

 Overpricing your property, even by a little, can…

  1. Reduce agent showings
  2. Minimize advertising response
  3. Eliminate interested buyers
  4. Attract unsuitable buyers
  5. Eliminate potential offers
  6. Help sell competitive homes for sale
  7. Cause problems with appraisals
  8. Increase holding costs
  9. Increase maintenance costs
  10. Lead buyers to ask the question, “What is wrong?”
  11. Lead to buyers to do “scared negotiations”
  12. Gives the first impression that you do not want


Benefits of proper pricing can…

  1. Cause a faster sale
  2. Minimize hassles and inconveniences
  3. Attract the right target market buyers
  4. Increase agent showings
  5. Encourage stronger offers
  6. Increase net proceeds
  7. Create a sense of urgency in the buyer
  8. Encourage multiple offers
  9. Create an “in industry” buzz
  10. Causes compliant buyers
  11. Lessen “nibbling” after the close
  12. Lessen buyer’s remorse

Let’s match the pricing philosophies to your goals!


Walter S. Sanford

Sanford Systems


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