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Pre-Confirmation Package, Part Fourteen September 9th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

All good things must come to an end, and today ends this blog series on the Pre-Confirmation Package.

The Pre-Listing Relocation Package includes a list of items that your sellers might need in determining what agent they will be using in the area where they will be moving and what information they will need to make an informed decision on the home or property that they will be buying.  The potential seller should have this list of items in hand before any other real estate agent arrives to make a presentation.

As you’ll see from the list, I want to be a full-service real estate agent and show that I care the most.  Remember I will get outstanding service from the referred real estate agent, if this happens to be the case, because he/she knows if I do not get the listing, the chances of having a referred buyer to his/her area has been lessened.  You can even go as far as asking the referred agent in the area of your seller’s destination to give that seller an endorsement of your value and services.  Some agents who do not know you might need help on how that endorsement should go, but I am sure that you can find the words to help them out.

The Pre-Listing Relocation Package

 If your client needs a relocation package from a referred agent, it is a good idea to get it to the seller before the competition gets there.  Send this list to the referred agent to make certain that you get credit by way of a third party endorsement and that the quality of the package reflects well upon you!


The relocation package should include the following, and I would appreciate an endorsement from you. I have not yet received the right to represent the seller’s property as of this time.

  1. Color-customized cover page mentioning YOU
  2. “How We Help Home Sellers Reach Their Buying Goals” opening letter
  3. Newcomer demographics profile
  4. Owner vs. renter profile
  5. Cost of living index
  6. “(Destination city) at a Glance” report
  7. Top 10 new projects in the city where they want to locate
  8. Sold home prices by year in area of interest
  9. Retiree demographics report
  10. Local business reports
  11. Largest US hotel rankings
  12. Detailed list of family attractions
  13. Detailed list of local golf courses
  14. Detailed list of local libraries and their amenities
  15. Private and public school enrollment reports
  16. “What to Expect in a Residential Transaction” overview
  17. Local and regional maps
  18. Referred team agent résumé
  19. Lender programs
  20. (Destination city) utilities turn on service
  21. Year around watering guide
  22. Newcomers state of origin report
  23. (Destination city) zip code map
  24. Pictures of homes in buyer’s price range
  25. Website addresses to visit regarding real estate in the area
  26. The referred agent’s website
  27. Local discount coupons
  28. Seamless closing strategies
  29. Virtual tours of target properties
  30. (Destination city) chamber of commerce materials


There are many documents and forms that we have tried in the past; however, as you can see, the list gets quite long.  As the list gets longer, the chance of seller compliance gets lower.

It’s now your time to put together an outstanding pre-confirmation package that can be sent as an attachment via E-mail, accessed under a seller-coded button on your website, and a hard copy version that can be overnighted, mailed, or delivered.


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