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The First “Interview” September 16th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

In the hiring process for a real estate telemarketer, a successful hire can take up to two weeks; however, most declines should take less than 5 minutes.

In your ad and inquiries, only leave your phone number.  Your only consideration is how they perform on the phone, and the easiest way to hire a telemarketer without the applicants interrupting your day is to have them call a special voice mail number of yours.  Here’s an example of what my message said:

“Hello.  This is Walter Sanford with Sanford Systems.  Thank you for calling our applicant message center.  I hire and train great telephone customer service people.  I need energetic, positive, and fun individuals!  Please tell me a little about yourself and the hours you would be available to work.  If you would like to hang up and call back after you have collected your thoughts, that’s fine.  In your message, please leave me the times that you can be reached and the best contact number.  Thank you for calling and I will return your call.”


Walter’s Phone Scripts & Moving Beyond Do Not Call is your go-to resource for scripts, emails, and letters that you or an assistant can easily begin using today.  Phone Scripts includes the hiring, and management of telemarketers plus the 60 hottest groups to go after when they have shown interest in your service.

This manual even includes what to say when leaving a voice mail.  Follow-up emails are included, too.  It’s a great manual for an assistant as well with do not call opportunities!

Check out the details:  Call 800.792.5837 and ask for the $50 blog special on this system!

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