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Lender FSBO Letter/E-mail September 21st, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

The previous two days, we covered the “how to” and “why” create an unpaid team for your business.  Let’s put the concept into practice now with this introductory letter from your lender to a FSBO.




City, ST  ZIP


In reviewing the current properties for sale, I notice that we are temporarily in the same sort of business.  I am not a REALTOR®, but I am a real estate mortgage lender.  I actually find the money to make real estate transactions happen.  I am writing you because I would like to meet and pre-qualify any potential buyers for you, and I would also like to assist you should you decide to re-purchase in the area.

When I pre-qualify buyers, like I do for REALTORS®, I check their credit, down payment source, employment, and any other factors that may enhance or detract from their ability to obtain a new loan.  This information is paramount to a transaction.  If you do not have it, you may waste many weeks if you subsequently find that your buyer cannot qualify for a loan.  So, think like a real estate agent: you must pre-qualify all buyers before entering into contracts with them to ensure a fast and smooth closing.

Your own pre-qualification is also important.  Pre-qualification, coupled with the amount of money you will receive as net proceeds from the sale of your home, will determine the dollar amount of your new purchase.  These are very important amounts to know and this will help determine the type and price range of your next property. Both of these complicated procedures can be handled at no expense to you.  I provide these services with the sole expectation that if I deliver prompt service and competitive rates, you will consider using me as the mortgage lender for your home and your buyer.

Finally, because I am involved in this industry full time, I know all the best title and escrow companies and the best REALTORS® in town.  Since I will not receive any commission from the sale of your home, my guidance is free!  I have been dealing in this market for many years, and I know how important it is to use team members who have good track records and many satisfied clients.  I can tell you who these people are.  I want to be an asset and a resource to your real estate decisions.  Please do not hesitate to call me at (phone number).  I look forward to helping you.


Lender Name

Company Name

P.S.    I will call you next week just to see how you are doing.  Please E-mail me the names and phone numbers of buyers who look at your property and I will report back to you with their qualifications.


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