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Don’t Rent It – Sell It! October 27th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

I know that headline might throw you off a bit since I personally invest in real estate and encourage other REALTORS® to do the same.  Keep calm – this is a letter to potential selling clients!

Instead of taking a home (maybe an expired from an agent who didn’t relist, etc.) off the market and converting to a rental property, maybe the potential seller just needs to know some of the facts involved to convert into a new listing for you!



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Many of my clients have thought about renting their homes rather than selling them.  With my experience, I have found that sometimes this is certainly an option, but if that plan is not carefully implemented, it could have disastrous results.  For instance, did you know….

In (your state), the cost of a rental, not including your loan payments, can easily equal 35% of its gross income?  Let me give you an example.  If you are renting a home for $3000, by the time you figure management costs (even if you are doing it yourself), taxes, insurance, vacancy factor of 10%, maintenance factor of at least 10% of the rent, landscaping, attorney’s fees, advertising, and your time – you can easily come up with a figure equaling 30 to 40% of the rent.  Therefore, out of a $3000 rental, you would only be netting $1800.

This market will fluctuate.  I have great experience with tougher markets. Please do a fast figure to see how much equity you would lose if your property value fell 40% from last year’s value to the day that you decide to sell.

It takes approximately two to four years to recover to the price that we might be able to get today.  What that means is not only are you having an immense amount of your rental income and equity eroded by expenses and the depressed market, but also you actually take many more years to recover what you might be able to sell it for today.

You are allowing your equity to sit and make little money.  Consider investing your equity into a higher-appreciating investment for a higher-yielding return. Many people are selling homes, then reinvesting their money in better-opportunity real estate, possibly in different areas or different types of property. Some are moving their equity from a home into a multi-family property that would have better cash flow.

When someone says “I am just going to rent it,” I like to let them know the pitfalls of that decision. If interest rates go up, you could expect months, possibly years, of depressed prices.  I would much rather you have that equity sitting in the bank earning interest, in a piece of property with a better cash flow, or in other investments, rather than watching your equity be eroded.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this analysis.  I am always here to serve you. It is my goal to become an asset and a resource for all your real estate making decisions.



Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


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