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It was a pleasure to attend your seminar in San Francisco on Thursday. You are a truly excellent speaker and by the time you were finished, I was excited about getting into residential real estate! You are doing good work in the world. Brian Tracy, Real Estate Speaker


Expired – I Have a New Approach and I Want Your Business November 1st, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

We’re on day two of our chase for expireds.  Have you checked the local database for expireds today?  Let’s handle that task before reading any further.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Okay, let’s provide your expired list of possible clients with some value that they never saw from their previous agents!



City, ST Zip


QUESTION: What do you get when you combine your house + a new approach + value for buyers + a top agent in (your area)?

ANSWER: You get your house sold quickly at top value!

I would like to earn your business. To do this, I can offer you something different from other real estate brokers:

  1. A fresh approach: How about a money-back guarantee?
  2. A seasoned knowledge of where buyers come from: How about new search engine optimization strategies?
  3. Creative solutions to your lack of showings: How about marketing to agents who have sold in your area and a price range to grab their buyers?


Enclosed are some items to show you why my approach will effectively work:

  1. Testimonials from sellers just like you.
  2. A sample-marketing program for property in the (neighborhood) area.
  3. A page from showing my “Order Your Dream Home” form.
  4. A pre-qualification questionnaire: If we can get buyers to fill this out, sometimes I can get them into a more expensive home than they thought.
  5. Under the right circumstances, I will lend money to a buyer so they can buy your home!


I hope this package is compelling enough for you to call me. I would like to meet with you to show you a different and more efficient way to sell your property.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


Through the years, I’ve collected many letters for just about every aspect in this business.  Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content is a beast of a manual at over 700 pages with some of the best in my collection!  This manual is the finest of lead generation letters, emails, and web content.  They’ve all been tested for profitability.  This manual will become the foundation of your direct mail, email, and database solicitation department.  Included is the data CD, which is a digital copy for easier implementation.

Check out the details  Call 800.792.5837 and ask for the $50 blog special on this system!


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