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It was a pleasure to attend your seminar in San Francisco on Thursday. You are a truly excellent speaker and by the time you were finished, I was excited about getting into residential real estate! You are doing good work in the world. Brian Tracy, Real Estate Speaker


What’s Your 10-Year Plan? November 8th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Sometimes, I get great questions like these and I need to share them.  Chances are, many of you are facing similar decisions and choices in your career path.


Hello, Walter. I first want to say thanks for all the information you have shared over the years.  I have to say you are the best trainer that I have come across in all these years of doing real estate – your ideas, your systems are the best!  I have bought all of your books and training material.  I have to be honest I am one of those who has the books, but has not ALWAYS used all of them.  Picking and choosing what I felt was needed at the time.  On any account, that is on me not you.  Thanks again.  You’re like a mentor and you do not know it.

Here is where I am right now and I wanted to get your opinion.  I am 45, and I am kind of starring over.  My dad who was 66 passed in April and I just know that I am in a point where I need to super pad my retirement.  I am a broker/owner.  I have a niche in my community where I live.  For the first time, I have decided to get an outside office from my home.  All these 25 years, I have worked from home office.  I am now going to work in an office space.

I have seen ALL of how you ran your business back in the day.  You were the ONLY one – running it as the ONLY Broker with your system and staff I am really thinking of taking the next 10 years and doing that.  I have 6 agents that are with me; 3 REALLY work.  We are a smaller local company, but I do about $65,000 to $80K a year without working the system hard.  I just feel I can work your system like you did back then without all the extra agents.

Do you think this would be a good thing to do or grow a smaller office with about 20 agents?

My office will be done by end of November – 6 offices and 2 baths and a conference room and in the community I work in.

I appreciate your advice.

Emory W.



Hi, Emory.  Thanks for the nice words!

  1. Just pay attention to seller lead generation systems/letters in the books.  Getting up 30% of the signs up in your area is your goal.  It will be an attraction for new agents also.  Everything else comes naturally; consistent seller leads is the hard part.
  1. At some point, you get tired of selling real estate.  It will be nice to fall back on managing and being a broker ten years from now.  It will also be nice to start having some tenants pay off the mortgages on some rental real estate.
  1. I never thought you could be truly effective in your home.  Your assistant does not know what is going on, and you cannot manage by walking around.
  1. Keep your agents.  Give them goals and have them commit to one source of seller lead generation.  Hold them accountable.  Give them many months and 6 warnings to get moving.  If they don’t, let them go.  I suspect the three that don’t work won’t be there 6 months from now.  This will attract top agents to your office.  You will need agents to support the overhead and supplement your income when you get tired of selling full-time.  If you decide against agents and growing the company, you will really like having a few buyer’s agents for showings.
  1. I like multiple sources of income.  Grow your office, buy rental property, and keep up your personal production for a few more years.


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