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More Benefits and Better Services for Real Estate Buyers November 28th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Today, let’s take a look at buyer services.  What sets you apart from the competition?  It might be simple addition of a service…or just telling them what you do for them!

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RE:     (Your Area’s) Best-Selling REALTOR® Wants You!

I would like to introduce you to a number of exclusive services for buyers that treat you to the friendliest, most professional red-carpet service you will ever know.  Let me explain just one service:


Real estate tradition says that when an agent works with buyers, it is up to the MLS to decide which properties they will see.  In reality, your agent could be overlooking properties that would actually be of interest to you, but you would never know about them because you would never see them!

At my office, we respect the choices you would like to make in our real estate market. You should have extensive input on the type of properties in which you are interested. You should be the one who decides which properties in our market you would like to see. You should be introduced to property that is not normally available through the “regular” channels, so I have come up with a better way to find the home or investment of your dreams without wasting time or money.

With no obligation to you, I invite you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that tells me what you are looking for in a home or investment property.  I will enter your information in our “Buyers’ Assistance Program” database and then every week, I will mail or email you detailed printouts of any of the market’s newest listings that fit your criteria. No, I do not just limit your package of listings to what I am selling. That is extremely unfair to you. You receive a package each week of every new listing in (city, city, or city). We use databases that no one else will offer you. We show you property that no one else will show you.  Here are some of my “secret” sources of inventory:

  1. My client database: I call past clients who own property that meets your parameters to see if they might consider selling to you.
  2. I will call three years of expired listings that match your criteria.  At one time, these people wanted to sell their homes, and they might be more motivated now.
  3. I will send out direct mail to all owners in your chosen area to inquire whether any of them might be selling in the next six months.
  4. I have bank lists of distressed, REO, short sale, and foreclosure properties.
  5. I dominate the FSBO research, and I know all the owners.  I will arrange a tour of the FSBOs that meet your needs.
  6. I will show you all the non-listed “pocket listings.”  You know, those secret properties that are “rumors” among agents.
  7. I will call you with all listings taken by my office but not yet submitted to the MLS.
  8. I will email you all the standard MLS listings the moment they become available.
  9. I promise that when I list a property that meets your needs, you will be the first potential buyer in it.


From all these listings, you can decide which properties interest you and drive past any of those addresses at your convenience.  Believe it or not, you will probably eliminate half of what is on your list by simply driving through the neighborhood and looking around! When you find the properties that you do like, we can get together for a tour. I have years of experience, and I know how to tell a diamond from a cubic zirconia.  We will immediately schedule an appointment to take you inside for a closer look.

Pick up the phone and call me today at 815.929.9258 for more information on my “Buyers’ Assistance Program,” as well as several other services my team and I have designed exclusively for buyers. Call me or email me, (your area’s) best-selling REALTOR® who has found the perfect property for more than 3,000 buyers just like you.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


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