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Your Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents book has been very helpful. While I am not the one at the company who hires speakers, I have recommended your book and website to many of my colleagues. Cynthia Lee, Weichert Realtors


Sell Your Home Quickly and For Top Dollar December 16th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

In this letter, share your own scenario of how you sold a home quickly and for top dollar, but feel free to share any of my list of services that you’d incorporate for a client.  Be sure to add your own unique items, too.





City, ST Zip


I knew immediately that this seller wasn’t joking.  Caught up in an exciting promotion and transfer to (another state), the seller didn’t even have time to call me until he would landed in (his new city). He had an executive home in (his home area), plus he had two investment properties that he was ready to sell in (his home area).

As soon as we hung up, I put 18 of my trademarked programs and services into action. In 11 days, one of my pre-qualified buyers in my “Buyers’ Assistance Club” purchased his (area) home. Four days later, one of my past clients with a strong history of purchasing similar properties agreed to meet me at the (area) investment property and signed an offer in the front yard.  18 days later, my lender associate in (area) brought me a pre-qualified buyer for that particular property on a simple low down, seller-carry proposition.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my client’s property sold in a day, but in 35 days, my client in (new city) had more than $800,000 coming to him on three closed deals with $2.4 million in gross sales prices.  Not a bad “Welcome Wagon,” if I do say so myself.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S.    Visit today for a FREE view of 18 services he put in place to sell this client’s home and investment properties.


Bonus Content from Walter for the Real Estate Agents:

I have included these 18 services below.


  1. Inspecting subject properties and their comparable sales
  2. Discovering the seller’s goals and realigning the marketing methods to achieve those goals
  3. Notifying all team members to contact their sphere of influence regarding this property
  4. Notifying Walter’s database of the property availability
  5. Notifying 500 neighbors of the property availability
  6. Notifying all local agents who have an interest in this type of property, area, and price range
  7. Teaching all agents in the office the features and benefits of the property so they can effectively handle all inquiries
  8. Taking the property to our local investment and exchange groups
  9. Highlighting the property on
  10. Posting the property on and making it available to 28 major consolidators
  11. Using an exclusive URL address and implementing a SEO strategy
  12. Delivering professional feature and benefit brochures to all local brokerages by messenger service
  13. Developing 20 methods of financing to give buyers more options
  14. Calculating the after-tax cost of ownership
  15. Ordering a complete written inspection to provide potential buyer a “clean bill of health”
  16. Obtaining all permits with all expenses and utility costs
  17. Making print media advertising buys
  18. Posting signage with brochure box, IVR, and/or text information


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