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Beginning of the Year Expireds December 27th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

‘Tis the season for December 31st expireds! Be ready with this letter.





City, ST Zip


I researched the properties that did not sell last year and I found that (insert property address) was one of them.  After years of selling my client’s properties in (your city/area), I have come up with a checklist that practically guarantees success.  If you spend a few moments with this list and apply it to your personal situation, I promise that it will lead you to an action plan that spells success.

Are you sure you want to sell? This market is being driven by sellers who have to sell.  Banks try to price their foreclosures at wholesale, and short sales also can result in wholesale prices. However, the reason my sellers can compete with these is that they realize we will make up any loss on the eventual purchase.  My clients who are not repurchasing another property are moving their equity into a faster moving investment vehicle.

If you are selling a $300,000 property and take a 20% market reduction, the $500,000 home you are buying has also taken the same reduction.  A great marketing system on the sale and a tireless and smart acquisition program can net you $40,000 and get you into the home or investment property that you really want.

If you want to wait out this market, you will lose the ability to save the kind of money mentioned above, and the situation gets even worse.  Not only do we have continuing downward pressure that may last into the end of 20___, but it may take years on a slow road to recovery.  It may be many years until your real estate goals are achieved.  We also have the threat of interest rate increases.  Now is the time to look into a fixed-rate mortgage.  Higher rates can really reduce prices, as well.

Renting may be an option, but most of my clients do not take it because of the reasons I mentioned above in 1B. Renting can be an insidious time and money robber. Did you know that the long-term expenses of a rental, not including your payment, are approximately 35% of gross rent?

When you subtract 35% from your rent, then subtract your payment from your rent, you may be making nothing or, even worse, have negative cash flow while experiencing the “joys” of being a landlord. The real loss may be multiplied by the further loss of equity in a poor market and the loss of any investment return on any equity that you might have in your property.

If you can just stay put and be happy staying put for the next five years, then that is a justifiable option, unless you believe you can better your net worth with the information in Point 1A above.

No move should be made without discussing your goals with an experienced real estate agent.  I pride myself on finding out what your goals are, then developing a marketing plan that is customized to achieve those goals.

Never relist with the same agent. The question should be “What will he or she do differently?”  Everything he or she knows how to do has already been done.  You need new types of marketing and a fresh perspective. Have the attributes of your property been properly promoted to the right buyers? Let me show you how to do this.

Do you think you might be saving time because your current agent is already set up with sign and promotion material?  I can have new types of promotional material, signage, direct mail, flyers, websites, and search engine procedures up and running in two business days.  I can have your first showings in four business days. I will promise to be in contact with every top real estate agent in this area who has ever sold a “like kind” property in your area in the last three years. Your property will be “top of mind” with every experienced agent who works your demographic.

I will prove to you, and to a buyer, why your property is a good value for this market.  I know all of the inventory for sale.  I want to increase your price for the little advertised attributes of your property. Do you have superior square footage, quality, garage space, yard size, location, and/or appeal?  Have these attributes been properly promoted?

I want you to be realistic about your price based upon the competition, but you must be aware of the competition before you can make any decision.  A buyer must then be interviewed, then your property must be shown according to how it meets the buyer’s needs.  We offer the best buyer services in the area. We attract many more buyers than any other agency of which I am aware. We spend a lot of time with these buyers, and we only show them properties that meet their needs.  We spend time learning your property and the competition’s so we can successfully demonstrate the true value of your property to our buyers.

Seasonal marketing is a myth.  Waiting for spring is a myth. You see, you own a commodity.  When more property is available (spring), you have more competition.  Why not contact all the hungry buyers now, while inventory is relatively low?

Get educated.  I offer a free service called a “Pre-Listing Consultation.” I will give you all the secrets of a successful sale. You can then make your decision based on the correct information. Even if you decide to relist with your same agent again, go ahead and share my secrets with him/her. I have always believed that the more you share, the more good comes back to you.

“But I am related to my agent” or “But he/she is my friend!” Sure, I really do understand that.  Decisions regarding attorneys, accountants, doctors, or financial advisors are usually based upon successes.  The same is true here, but I am a realist.  If you have a friend or family involved in your sale and feel guilty about using my services, I can give him/her a portion of my commission after close, if that will help you mend fences.

I have more than 50 marketing and service items that I believe might not have been used on your home.  I invite you to call me. My personal phone number is 815.929.9258.  My email is

Here is my promise.  I will not ask for a listing unless I know your goals, have creative ideas to achieve those goals, and I am then able to sell your home. If I do not hear from you first, I hope you will accept my call. I am interested in achieving your goals.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S.    Please go to to read about your neighbors who have experienced a truly customized sales plan.


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