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Retire with Real Estate February 2nd, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

With interest rates still at a reasonably low rate, now is the time for investors to get back into the real estate market.  I’m not talking about flipping real estate but owning real estate for the long haul.

Buy a fixer upper or another reasonably-priced home, condo, townhome, or apartment. Bring it up to quality standards. Get good tenants. Enjoy the residual income for many years to come and have something to pass on to heirs as well.

This is a good long-term plan for you as a REALTOR to invest in the very product you sell on a daily basis plus you can more easily help your investor clients…and that’s really what this blog is about!

My investor seminars were better attended in markets like the one we’re in now so capitalize on a good market with decent interest rates.  Share your knowledge of real estate investing with your database and promote the news on social media to possibly earn some new clients as well.


RE: My Clients Are Starting to Retire Wealthy

Everyone dreams of a happy, financially secure retirement, but it does not just happen. Careful planning will ensure that you can spend your retirement the way you have always dreamed. For retirement planning, the earlier you start investing in easy-to-manage real estate, the more equity you will have available to spend.

Attend our free “Investing in Real Estate for your Retirement” seminar.  See how early bird planning can help your retirement years be happy ones, but even investing in later years can also be greatly rewarding. My team and I will share our personal real estate investment secrets and present real-life success stories from our experiences and client’s experiences, too.




Real estate has proven to be an investment that has few equals when it comes to high yields, especially after the effects of inflation.  This letter has been only sent to past clients.  We would appreciate your RSVP so that our resources at the meeting will comfortably meet the demand!


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S. You can RSVP online at and see some testimonials from our previous successful investors.


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