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Timing Your Sale February 3rd, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

“I’m not ready yet.” “The market isn’t what I need yet.”  We’ve heard those excuses and dozens of others.  If they’re serious about selling, then you need to let them know that they need to be serious NOW.

Thinking ahead and pre-planning is greatly beneficial toward the best presentation of a home for the selling market.  It doesn’t always happen this way, but maybe this letter will get a slow-to-move seller a little more active in today’s market.





City, ST ZIP


Timing the sale of your home is important.  It has been too much to handle — seeing all you have done, and “everyone” telling you there are fewer buyers to appreciate it. Well, “everyone” is wrong!

No, I am not some PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) junkie, just a realist who has been proven correct with a track record of success.  My selling clients are achieving their goals with a customized marketing plan.  I create the plan by asking them numerous questions about what they want to achieve, then proceeding with flawless execution of that plan.

Here are some success stories:

•  My client’s home was worth $400,000 in 20___, and I sold it for $320,000. The sellers took a little more than a 20% hit.  However, they were able to purchase a home that was valued at $540,000 in 20___ for $440,000 at an 18% discount. They “lost” $80,000 but gained $100,000.  Buying up in a down market will make you money. Usually, there are larger discounts on larger properties, so your gains may be magnified.

•  One client had a great home, but it showed like Fred Sanford (not a relative) had a hand in decorating! I “Walter-ized” it.  We spent some time making some changes that buyers in this market want; they were not anything fancy or expensive.  We simply moved a few items around, put a few items in storage, and cleaned up a bit.  The home sold in a week with multiple buyers bidding at over list price.

I have been selling homes in (county) to and for the area’s movers and shakers. My database has clients who may appreciate your home. Many times, I sell a home before it even hits the market, due to my large exclusive buyer database.  Let me explore my database to see who will appreciate your property.

Sellers in today’s market have challenges, but with my experience of going through markets like this in my career, I know how to manage.  I listen to what you want, and I will design a customized marketing plan to achieve your goals.

Come visit my office and interview me.  Let me know what you want to accomplish and when you would like to accomplish it, and I will share my detailed plan with you. In the last 25 years, I have seen just about every challenge a seller might have, and I have the systems to overcome those challenges.

My sellers like the higher prices and other benefits that superior marketing and a database can bring them.  They appreciate the minimization of problems with smart contract negotiations and execution.  They appreciate the higher net proceeds and the affiliated team members who do their best to minimize selling costs.

Would you like to contact a (or read) a couple of testimonials before you call me?  Just in case, I have included a few below:

  1. (insert name and contact information, if client has allowed it; otherwise, include the testimonial)
  2. (insert name and contact information, if client has allowed it; otherwise, include the testimonial)
  3. (insert name and contact information, if client has allowed it; otherwise, include the testimonial)


Bottom line – it is not as bad as “everyone” says.  I am getting more for my sellers and faster than the competition.  Take a look at, and check the sales for yourself.  For faster service, call me direct at 815.929.9258. Tell me your goals, and let me put my 25 years of personal and local experience to work for you.

If you are not quite ready to sell yet, please sign up for our email updates at and put this letter in your real estate file so we can talk when you are ready.

Being successful in this market takes a substantial amount of pre-planning, so let us start a little earlier than you think is necessary.  Thank you for considering my team to help achieve your goals.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


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