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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


Copy of Closing Statement for Tax Purposes February 8th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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Here’s a timely database letter!  Pull the closing statements from your 2016 clients and send them a copy(ies) for their taxes.  It’s a kind gesture and also an opportunity for you to remind them how much you helped them!

This is a fantastic letter to include any hot listings or buyer needs, too.  They might have a family member or friend who’s looking.  Don’t forget, clients love a referral bonus of gift cards to their favorite restaurant!





City, ST Zip


IT IS TAX TIME! Here we are again, and in preparation, I kept a copy of your closing statement.  Best case, your copy is in some file somewhere; worst case, it is wherever boring papers end up after a move.  I wanted you to have another copy, because it is the first document your accountant will need.

When you work with the Sanford team, it is our goal to provide a complete and total solution to all your real estate needs.  Your accountant may have some questions on how your transaction was handled.  Feel free to include my direct phone number of 815.929.9258 and email address of with the paperwork.

Please remember, my hardest job is finding good clients.  Feel free to mention my name to your family, friends, associates, and even your accountant!


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

Enclosure: Closing Statement


Through the years, I’ve collected many letters for just about every aspect in this business.  Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content is a beast of a manual at over 700 pages with some of the best in my collection!  This manual is the finest of lead generation letters, emails, and web content.  They’ve all been tested for profitability.  This manual will become the foundation of your direct mail, email, and database solicitation department.  Included is the data CD, which is a digital copy for easier implementation.

Check out the details at 800.792.5837 and ask for the $50 blog special on this system!



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