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My Team Extends to Repair People February 14th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

On this Valentine’s day, let’s “share the love” and show some love to your unpaid team members.  Your unpaid team members might include a lender, an appraiser, a home warranty person, an insurance agent, etc. You get where I’m going with this, right?

Choose providers in accompanying services to buying/selling homes, but remember that clients also need services AFTER buying or selling as well.  That’s where your team should expand to include handymen, plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers, etc.

This letter gives you an opportunity to check in with your database (or add to it with contacts via a social media ad), while possibly generating some leads for your team and who knows, they might be ready to buy or sell again, too (or have a family member or friend who’s ready to buy/sell)!


RE:     You Want Value in Your Service People!

If you need a plumber, a painter, or an electrician, the web is a source to find these home maintenance experts. But with so many ads, how do you know which ones are qualified and which ones just have nice ads? I have always found that word of mouth and friend recommendations are the best ways to choose a professional to help you fix your home’s problems.

As a real estate agent, I work with homeowners every day.  Many of their homes eventually need some kind of repair or upkeep.  I make it a point to ask them which companies they use and if those companies are reliable and efficient, then I used their services myself. I keep all those contacts and continue to use and refer them; if they build excellent track records, then I made them part of the Sanford team.

So the next time you need a referral for someone to fix a leaky roof, paint your home, design your landscaping, or for any other type of home maintenance project, give me a call. The best maintenance experts in town are members of the Sanford team. I have personal experience with all of them!


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

P.S.    My total team can be found at, but please call our office so we can match the right person with your job.


Through the years, I’ve collected many letters for just about every aspect in this business.  Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content is a beast of a manual at over 700 pages with some of the best in my collection!  This manual is the finest of lead generation letters, emails, and web content.  They’ve all been tested for profitability.  This manual will become the foundation of your direct mail, email, and database solicitation department.  Included is the data CD, which is a digital copy for easier implementation.

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