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Performance Campaign Promise March 3rd, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This week, we’ve been primarily talking about seller client service.  We’re wrapping up the week with yet another letter detailing the extensive (yet not fully exhaustive) list of things that you do in the process of selling a home.

As with many letters/checklists that we share in the daily blogs, this can be used in a variety of ways with slight wording or format changes as needed.  To name two, this could be used as part of a listing presentation or it could be used as a follow-up after the listing when a client becomes restless after only a short period of time.


Date:          (Presentation Date)

To:               Name

From:          Sanford Systems

RE:              Objectives for the Sale of (Subject Property)

It is my objective to have as many qualified buyers as possible exposed to your property until it is SOLD and to achieve your goals.  Furthermore, I will communicate the results of our activities to you on a regular basis.  I will assist you in obtaining the highest dollar value for your property with the fewest number of problems.  I will constantly seek the best possible methods of exposing your property to potential buyers in the marketplace.

The following is my “PERFORMANCE CAMPAIGN” for marketing your property:

       Submit your property to the Multiple Listing Service, currently servicing 3,000 agents.

       Submit copies of your listing to all Long Beach agents for their waiting buyers.  I will emphasize the agents who specialize in your property.

       Have personal telemarketers contact all agents known to have an interest in this type of property.

       List needs with our exclusive “Have/Want” computer database.

       Contact 300 owners/renters in the surrounding area with direct mail and phone calls.

       Prepare an informational brochure with photographs of the property and a list of features and benefits. This device will be used by the cooperating agents to demonstrate the property to their potential buyers. Furthermore, these pamphlets will be distributed as follows:


o        In the offices of Sanford Systems.

o        At any Sanford Systems broker meetings.

o        As a web page to over seven websites

o        To all local real estate offices on a consistent basis.

o        To all surrounding properties in the immediate area.

o        At all real estate gatherings and exchange meetings.

o        To the most likely neighborhoods to offer “move up” buyers

o        In local businesses.

o        To the human resource departments of major employers in the area.


       Verbally promote and display at the weekly board of REALTORS’® breakfast and marketing session for maximum exposure to other agents in the area.

       Verbally present and exhibit at any investment and exchange group meetings.

       Exchange information with all relocation firms.

       Complete a schedule of “CASH IN POCKET” for each offer presented.

       Pre-qualify, when possible, all potential buyers to save time and energy.

       E-mail surveys to all salespeople who have seen the property requesting feedback and suggestions of any changes that should be made to make the property more marketable to a buyer.

       E-mail a copy of the multiple listing for your approval.

       Arrange interim financing, where necessary.

       Create additional exposure through a professional sign, riders, and a brochure box.

       Make you completely aware of all the various methods of financing that a buyer may want to use.

       Update you as to any price or changes in the money market and their effect on the sale of your property.

       Log all calls generated and the source of their origins.

       Represent you upon the presentation of all contracts by the cooperating brokers and assist you in negotiating the very best possible price and terms for you.

       Directly mail 1,000 business-reply questionnaires to potential buyers in the area.

       Handle follow up and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted and on all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures.

       Have your check delivered at the close of escrow!

       Go over every cost on the closing statement.

       Counsel your tax representative on any tax advantaged created from the transaction.

       Be available to you, your family, and acquaintances for as long as it takes for you to be satisfied.



Walter S. Sanford

Sanford Systems


Approved by _________________________    __________________________


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