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398 More Services, Part One March 6th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

In case the letters and emails that we shared last week still didn’t convince a stubborn seller, we have a loaded list of items from our “Guaranteed Success Action Plan.”  If all else fails and they still want more, this is the ultimate service list.  Please only offer this as a last resort with the greatest of caution since you might be held accountable to it!

Given the length of the list, we’ll share it in today’s and tomorrow’s blog posts for you so be certain to come back tomorrow.


The Pre-Listing Consultation

  1. Thirty-five questions with personal, over-the-phone counseling
  2. Launch pre-appointment plan
  3. Research property legal description
  4. Research subject property
  5. Research previous sales activity in MLS and non-listed properties
  6. Obtain property building information from original builders, if possible
  7. Input block and lot on form
  8. Order property title preliminary profile
  9. Enter contact information of all principals in database
  10. Enter property information in database (have) section for buyers
  11. Do buy/sell search for prospective buyers
  12. Print buy/sell search results for client and presentation
  13. Obtain property appraisal information
  14. Research tax information
  15. Research all comparable currently listed properties
  16. Research all comparable recently-expired listings
  17. Research all comparable recently-sold listings
  18. Research district statistical information
  19. Prepare comparative market analysis using square footage analysis
  20. Prepare market overview and statistics
  21. Prepare pre-appointment information package and cover letter
  22. Deliver or E-mail pre-appointment information package
  23. Prepare presentation file
  24. Prepare pricing presentation
  25. Review market overview and statistics
  26. Have in-person consultation with all decision makers
  27. Present customized marketing plan
  28. Present seller’s customized action plan
  29. Review and discuss with sellers their wants and needs
  30. Review and discuss with sellers’ concerns
  31. Solve their wants, needs, and concerns
  32. Explain and review the marketing agreement
  33. Explain and review all other disclosure and listing documents
  34. Discuss seller preparations necessary to market the property effectively
  35. Discuss financing options for seller’s needs and marketing needs
  36. Prepare marketing preparation information including features and benefits
  37. Complete MLS input sheet
  38. Complete financing verification for payoff
  39. Obtain keys from seller
  40. Complete concerns form
  41. Complete “IF” sheet
  42. Complete exclusive presentation form
  43. Complete property information/evaluation form
  44. Explain pricing technologies
  45. Review feedback/online system
  46. Discuss and approve offer/counteroffer sequence
  47. Provide SASE for any remaining listing documents that need to be completed and signed


Marketing/Negotiation Sequence

  1. Change status of property in database
  2. Launch new listing-to-sold marketing plan activities checklist
  3. Begin networking and notifying other top agents about property
  4. Educate the office on features and benefits of new property
  5. Verify signage checked on contract and assemble appropriate marketing riders
  6. Verify lockbox checked on contract and location of installation
  7. Verify all information, initials, etc. are correct on the marketing agreement
  8. Confirm property disclosure statement received and get bids on repairs, if needed
  9. Make a list of the seller’s priorities
  10. Photocopy all documents for the main office file
  11. Organize the file in proper order for ease of staff to answer questions
  12. Confirm that the keys obtained from the seller fit and the doors open easily
  13. Obtain lot measurements, and determine if there are any encroachments
  14. Obtain total square footage of property
  15. Obtain interior room sizes
  16. Enter new listing on MLS and alternative websites
  17. Enter showing instructions in database, 1-800 IVR System, and website
  18. Schedule a photo shoot or 360° view shoot
  19. Attend photo shoot to highlight features of the home
  20. Select property photos to use, do corrections, and cropping
  21. Save property photos to CD and make copies for buyers
  22. Confirm input sheet for custom flyers is done
  23. Publish custom flyer on
  24. Order installation of “For Sale” sign
  25. Configure exterior photo for MLS
  26. Enter exterior photo of property on MLS (remember to change for the seasons)
  27. Enter link from MLS website to team website
  28. Proof of MLS printout and edit, if necessary; republish and E-mail to client
  29. Configure interior photos for MLS
  30. Enter interior photos of property on MLS
  31. Submit photos for display in team member’s offices
  32. Call all “wanters” from exclusive buyer list
  33. Prepare buyer-marketing promotions
  34. Order brochure box and prepare brochures with financing options
  35. Order HomeFax Hotline rider
  36. Install lockbox on property
  37. Install brochure box on sign
  38. Install HomeFax Hotline rider on sign
  39. Enter property inclusions, measurements, etc. for fact sheet
  40. Prepare property remarks/description for “just listed” announcement
  41. Order “just listed” announcement cards for neighborhood delivery
  42. Send thank you letter to seller
  43. Prepare cost after income tax sales sheet
  44. Send profile sheets to top agent list
  45. Prepare cover page for feature sheet explaining our buyer club
  46. Prepare upgrades page if seller is repairing any deficiencies
  47. Send notification to database
  48. Proof all marketing materials for accuracy
  49. Print 100 initial property profile sheets
  50. Print 100 cover pages
  51. Print 100 photo pages
  52. Print 100 special features and upgrades page, if applicable
  53. Compile feature sheets
  54. Retain one complete feature sheet for file
  55. Prepare brochure box highlight sheets
  56. Prepare back of highlight sheets with all listings
  57. Print 50 copies of brochure box highlight sheets
  58. Deliver highlight sheets to seller for brochure box fulfillment
  59. Prepare and print Home Book
  60. Send mortgage verification form to lender
  61. If applicable, obtain second mortgage information
  62. Photocopy all pertinent information in format for Home Book
  63. Find builder information in “Builder Promo File,” or obtain by other means
  64. Prepare floor plan pages for Home Book
  65. Contact team lender for financing alternatives flyer
  66. Prepare financial information for Home Book
  67. Research community information for Home Book
  68. Enter community information into Home Book
  69. Obtain twelve months of all utilities from owner
  70. Enter utilities averages in Home Book
  71. Research elementary school information for Home Book
  72. Research junior high school information for Home Book
  73. Research senior high school information for Home Book
  74. Enter financial information in Home Book
  75. Enter school information in Home Book
  76. Research demographics
  77. Enter demographics in Home Book
  78. Prepare property information sheets for Home Book
  79. Compile Home Book
  80. Make multiple copies of Home Book for interested buyers
  81. Confirm completed mortgage verification received from lender
  82. Review mortgage information and file
  83. Photocopy all seller’s documents for file
  84. File presenting offers form and easy exit addendum
  85. Make copy of mortgage verification for file and seller
  86. Return seller’s original documents to seller
  87. Send copy of mortgage verification to seller
  88. Launch “buyer prospect match plan” in SOAR
  89. Schedule agent follow up and calls every ten working days
  90. Enter property information in have/want database
  91. Run buy/sell search and printout to begin notifying buyers
  92. Arrange REALTOR® preview with refreshments
  93. Confirm REALTOR® preview signed by seller as to time/date
  94. Confirm seller has a copy of REALTOR® preview with “get ready for a profitable showing” pamphlet
  95. Enter REALTOR® preview in database Daytimer
  96. Schedule call to seller to remind him/her on the day before the preview
  97. Notify seller to display REALTOR® preview form
  98. Enter REALTOR® preview on MLS open house and website
  99. Launch market review plan
  100. Enter property measurements in property in database and website
  101. Enter HomeFax Hotline ID in database and arrange follow up schedule
  102. Enter MLS number in database
  103. Enter all other pertinent property information in database
  104. Launch listing reporting plan
  105. Provide property information flyers to office agents
  106. Enter listing on team website
  107. Configure exterior photo and thumbnail for team website
  108. Configure interior photos for team website
  109. Enter exterior photo on team website
  110. Enter interior photos on team website
  111. Enter loan information in MLS
  112. Place ad in newspaper’s new listing section
  113. Prepare office input sheet
  114. Contract and documentation to office listing department
  115. Deliver feature sheets to property
  116. Deliver highlight sheets to property brochure box
  117. Deliver feedback fax pages to property for showing REALTORS®
  118. Deliver home book to property’s brochure box
  119. Deliver information sheets to 15 bank locations
  120. Deliver information sheets to brochure boxes on all personal listings
  121. Prepare “just listed” flyers
  122. Prepare “just listed” flyers for all other major real estate offices
  123. Send “just listed” flyers to all branches for posting
  124. Send “just listed” flyers to other offices for posting
  125. Confirm average utilities for property
  126. Record utilities and taxes information in listing data
  127. Record utilities in file for future reference and Home Book
  128. Prepare property information for HomeFax Hotline
  129. Enter HomeFax Hotline information
  130. Print HomeFax Hotline form
  131. Record voice message on HomeFax Hotline
  132. Prepare property information flyer for HomeFax Hotline
  133. Enter flyer for buyers to access on HomeFax Hotline
  134. Pull initial agent buyer prospect matches
  135. Configure exterior photo for MLS
  136. Configure interior photos for MLS
  137. Enter all property photos on MLS
  138. Verify if real property report needs updating
  139. Format posting flyers for E-mailing
  140. Format feature sheets for E-mailing
  141. Format photos page for E-mailing
  142. Prepare features sheet — photo page E-mail
  143. Prepare information for agent MLS prospect matches
  144. Send information to initial MLS agents with prospect matches
  145. Format feature sheet with photos to E-mail for prospect matches
  146. Configure exterior and interior photos on office website
  147. Enter exterior and interior photos on office website
  148. Prepare “just listed” announcement cards for mailing
  149. Process “just listed” neighborhood mail out
  150. Format buyer flyers for E-mailing
  151. Confirm new listing ad in the newspaper
  152. Send a copy of the newspaper ad to the seller
  153. Launch condominium plan, if applicable


We’ll pick up with the rest of the list tomorrow!


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